November 25, 2012

Working life..

Greetings everyone. I'm on the bus heading back to JB. Yes, on the bus. Figured out I would be travelling home by bus if I don't have anything planned for the weekend.

So how's working life? It's pretty hectic, pretty tiring, quite a shock to my body. Thank God I work only from 8 to 5. But it is long enough to make me fall asleep without shower or sometimes dinner. I need to get my body adapted to this kind of life ASAP so I can start a healthier regime. I ate loads of junks these days and it is really really not good for my diet plan..

I have to say it's pretty interesting to start working in the real world. There are loads of things to get familiar with. Working with very limited resources. Getting used to the material that I never used back in Ireland. Getting used to the system. I deal with loads of Chinese in my clinic so I have to learn a few Chinese terms to communicate..gagaga..

I guess this first few weeks there'll be loads of making silly mistakes and adjusting. Hopefully things fall into its places soon. Cheers to a new life and may whatever waiting for me ahead is for my best interest..
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November 12, 2012

First punch out

My first punch card. Reported duty to Jabatan Kesihatan Daerah Johor Bahru. Yes, J fucking B. Excuse my french, but I'm still very much angry I'm sent here.

5 years spent away from home and yet still I have to go somewhere else.

So much anger in myself I just need to let it out. Haven't been eating right for the past few days. Haven't been working out. Everything seems so out of place at the moment.

Here's hoping and praying things get better day by day.
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