February 28, 2006

bahang ib membakar diri

bahang ib membakar diri..arggggghhhhhh

oh My..EE due next we r burdened by internal assessment of BUSINESS N MANAGEMENT.and thruout this one whole tense will continuously rise out as we breath in n out every day solving 15 superduper complicated MATHEMATICS questions...uwaaaaaaaa....

help me help me

erm..feel like comitting suicide.oh nooo....

ppl will think i'm capable of comitting suicide by taking a glance of my blog (= ngehehehe..i'm not that crazy ok??..sanity is always me

February 26, 2006


life is all about i hate just to live my life.dont blame me

ermph.wut's wit the quote? each day i found out that i'm hating more n more ppl.dunno y.maybe the same thing happened to me.maybe each day more ppl r hating me coz life is wut u give u get back.

this bout one ppl.who spent all his/her life with leading his/her egoccentric life.i wonder how he/she survived in this community.all he/she knows is about him/her-self.n he/she dun give a damn about other ppl.the fact is his/her presence in the community made things harder for all of us.i pray to Allah, open his/her heart n lead her to the right path.coz he/she's leading his/her life to a career that requires a lot of sacrifice, n the biggest sacrifice he/she need to do is his/her ego.pls make him/her realised that life isn't bout him/her-self.i knew he/she will me it to the top n reach his/her dream job but somehow his/her attitude might drag him/her all the way down.down to the deepest n darkest alley where he/she will b leading a lonely life.

i dunno who's going to send me back )= mak has a defensive driving course n abg has meeting in melaka.i got so many works to be done n yet i cant do it here at home.i dunno y.maybe i'm cursed! (yearrite!)

pls pls pls. hate this moody moody mood that i'm having makes me super duper sensitive even a soft touch would make me gone completely haywire.

FOCUS.tha't all i need to do now.put every bloody things aside n concentrate on my path.the road was so tough,so i must not give up.

read bout dentistry in malaysia.the news said m'sia is "desperately in need for more n more dentist n experts in dentistry" the ratio of a dentist n the citizen is 1:1400 n that is a big number okayh? so yeah, we r on the way! so m'sian, if u wanna have nice teeth, do pray for our success..ngehehehe..

February 25, 2006


all time favourite when i've nothing to do-updating my blog every 1 hour! ngeahahaha

1. Who's ur love?
i'm LOVEless for the moment.still searching

2. Do you believe in the saying that goes "First love never dies."?
ermphs..dun think so.besides,i'm not sure which is my 1st love that proves it =P

3. How do you know when it's really love?
when a glimpse of him wud lift me up up in d sky.when a lil msg from him wud cheer me up

4. Do you know when someone likes you?

5. Is love lovelier the second time around?
yes n no.depends on the condition r

6. What' s your opinion about the saying LOVE IS BLIND?
love strucks the wrong person,that i wud say YES

7. Will you do everything for the person you love?
everything?? define everything

8. Did you ever fall in love with your bestfriend? regretting it.f*ck

9. Your type of guy?
this is hard.ermph..caring.loving.accept me for wut i am.

10. Do you express your feelings openly?
once in a blue moon

11. What do you dislike in a girl/boy?

12. Who's your crush?
crush boom one for the moment.ouh okeyh..BIN la kot

13. Have you loved someone?
obviously yes

14. Have you loved by someone?
no idea

15. Is it possible for you to fall in love with an older man/woman?
yeap.but not waaayyyy too older please


17.How hard is a breakup?
as hard as a hard thing

18. Are you a heartbreaker?
dun think so

19. What do you do after a break-up?
breathing as usual

20. Do you swear never to fall in love again?
yeap.but dun think it wud b long

21. What's the greatest lesson you've learnt
regarding love?
love hurts

new look!


ermph..yesterday i was too angry to tell bout my bro's story

ok so we went to kak emi's house.mak went to "merisik" kak emi..everyday went smooth.after sum yada yada bla bla finally it's all confirmed. their engagement is on 1st of july.hopefully there wont be any obstacles!!n they r going to be mariied next yr.hopefully b4 i fly la..insyaAllah.abg suggested to do a combined majlis so there will be only one majlis.yela..they share the same fwen n we both live in shah alam. so it'll be a lot easier plus,the same company will b attending the majlis. abg is moving to petronas klcc this 1st of april so kak emi n abg will b in d same company!

i asked mak to find a really big dewan coz this combined majlis is going to gather a big crowd.really big we r goin to need help from all d relatives. mak suggested me to be the chief.wahh!! haha..yo yo chief must wear beautiful clothes n i really have to work out!! plus, we r going to gather all relatives from both family.mine is big enuff to rock the dewan so we really need to fine a biggy wiggy space!! nothing to do la today.dah la pemalas.felt guilty towards myself



February 24, 2006

pissed off pssss...

oh my God.i'm so pissed off okayh!!!!

a lot of miscommunication occur today.m'sian ppl really need to work on the way the give direction.

miscommunication part 1 :

mak told me she has waited me at "tepi..tepi carrefour..u need to cross the road..ala tepi tepi la"

1st point, oh mother, how tepi is tepi.give exact location la!!!!!! i've crossed road then found out that "tepi" my mom meant was between subang parade n carrefour. caishhh...bengangnye saye!

i wasted : a lot of energy, had to carry my laptop here n there, sweating like pig summore )=

miscommunication part 2 :

wani said the gazebo is at "ala dekat area pyramid tu..depan skit jer..kalo dah sampai pyramid tu dah depan sangat..u turn balek kat roundabout tu"

n it turned out to be that the gazebo is at the subang parade n taylors blah blah blah area.oh my God that was totally bullshit rubbish direction

i wasted : a lot of time.the traffic was crawling like hell.n i ended up heading away to my house without even seeing them in that so-called gazebo-yg-tak-sampai-dekat-pyramid tuh.

so..all in all,miscommunication sucks n involves a lot of wastage!

sHeeP..sHeeP..n sHeeP..n i wanna sLeeP!! )=


yello wello mello.i'm hOoOoOommeeEee...

had a tiring journey back to home today.uish penat penat..from kmb, a pakcik baek gave us a ride to the junction so-called bus stop. thanx uncle baek! budimu kukenang hingga akhir was hot shiny minnie minnie miny more today! waited until 2.45 b4 the bus arrived.luckily we got seat today! then off we went to klang commuter.took a more relaxing route today.tarak lalu2 kedai india sude..i stopped at subang jaya.wanted to save rm10 if i were to stop to shah alam n take taxi to n nabila had 1901.nyummy nyummy coney doggy! ngeahahaha..after waited for sum time, mak arrived!

ngeh ngeh ngeh

i'm in dilemma.wani ajak minum2 this nite while mak is going to kak emi's house to "merisik" her.abg insisted me to go..but i wanna meet up my frens


just wait n see..where i wud be this nite

will be back soon..


February 23, 2006

kerna sayang..

ohmy..the mood is super duper jiwang gler tak ingat's kerna sayang is very soothing..n..ermss..layan gler..

okay i got the zapin n para para sakura we've to choreograph the steps n stuff.teng teng teng teng..ermph..i forgot la,other than the straw thingy wut's more ek in our kem motivasi f5? wanted to cilok the idea..

i've completed my essay..erm..not fully completed but it's 70%.the storyline is a bit..ermph..wut shud i say..ridiculous kah? inspired from noritta's murder n story that i've read in my books.

-break: oh malin..kau kata aku rajin..huish..u dun really know me..i was the greatest lazy bump ever borned :P

i made story on a playboy *pfft* n innocent girl.they got hook up n ended up in a relationship.soon as they graduated,they were separated.n the boy cheated the girl.but they wud make it up again n again.n the girl decided to kill that psyco gler!

dan tak mungkin..cuba ku melepasmu bila kasih tak mampu..percaya la sayangku..

haha..again n again jiwang menjiwang menyelubungi diri..

okayh.gotta get my ass down in library.nak siapkan essay

tata.tata from now.

February 22, 2006

wippie yippie

i'm in class aite bio teacher is absent so grab the chance to berfoya while everybody is concentrating on the bio task.n me??? comment

will be going to malau,kedah this hols.i was like desperate for CAS hours to the max.i envy sum of my classmate yg cam dah sihat2 jer dah abes 180 hours.*tsk* so i'll be flyin to malau from 13 n will b coming back on the 15th.will be handling an english camp n guess wut, my slot is for the dancing dansa ae-bluek-robic!! ngehahahaaha..lantak la..let's spoil the kids!!!

this week's netball practice is saddening.hurmph..the seniors are going for the competition, n again n again i'll be craving for more n more CAS hours in action.hopefully we'll get many n many CAS hours in Malau..sum of the netballers cam dah comfortable coz they gained lots n lots CAS in sukoma..*tsk*

okeyh so now it's all about CAS hours la Extended Essay a.k.a EE is terrifying.tho pn hasni,my malay teacher is very i've to contact the author,azmah nordin n stuff to clarify my findings to kena gigih gler..n tell u wut,i'm not that kind who'll gigih2 tp kalo dah terpakse nak wat guane?? now this azmah nordin is like playin hide n seek wit me.managed to get thru her assistant or dunnowho la but failed to contact her yesterday.haih..berusaha!!!!! physical is terrifying me.seriously.

okay.gotta concentrate on the bio Qs.will be back soon!


February 19, 2006


part 2 :

went to alam sentral wit fuzah just now.i thought the abp roadshow has started but it turned out that the show is at 4.haih..too late went around alam sentral.ceyt the shops r so not interesting.bought things to be brought back to my college.n guess wut?? i met mr class rep wit her awex! ngeahaha..geli siak..

ouh ate a lot je today? erm..cammaner neyh.impact of donating blood ke?? mueheheh..haimeh..jgn lorr..

motivate me,i want get out of this bed.captivate me,i want good things inside of my head

uish..wut to blog?



will b back soon.da~

ish ish ish...

Ohmigod.say wut? i slept at 7.30 last nite n woke up at 9 this was so exhausted n tired n yada yada bla bla.. (=

went to pyramid last day wit wani ayu n z.thought of trying ice skating but sadly as we arrived there was 1st national ice skating competition bla bla bla.ceit.of all the days n weekends,hari ni gak la nak we proceeded wit the common agenda,shopping! i was determined to find my sneakers today n wani n ayu wanted to find their stuff for dinner.i wondered wut's so big wit that dinner that they need to spend so much on that?

bought my new nike sneakers.not sure the exact colour's between pink n red.not in mood for shopping coz felt dizzy.not sure izit becoz of my unstable condition or izit bcoz the treadmill.ow yeah i worked out that morning! ngeahahaa.i am so determined that i thought bout my useless life at that time at it made me feel energetic (konon~)

erm,felt guilty act.went to secret recipe n melantak tak hingat dunianyer.lasagna,spaghetti,choc banana cake,that cake this cake.urgghhh.luckily i went to sleep early last nite or else i'll b eat n eating summore.huhuhuh..

yesterday was sumbody's took me quite a time b4 i finally came to the decision of wishing her thru my hp.i dunno bcoz it's been quite long since we've last talked or met or watsoever.maybe it's bcoz shilake coz she's shilake's. so i texted her.wishing her bday.tried to sound as fwenly as i cud.but sad-f*kinly, she didnt reply my msg.oh my now u r being as shilake as shilake eh? i dunt think she has changed her number coz the delivery report said that msg delivered! dun think she's out of i'll think that she's not interested wit my msg n that's all.ok fine if that's wut u wish!

erm.wut happened to that meetin eh encik? haha..wanted to ask who went to the meetin but malas la~ smss10's? when will it b ek this yr? haha..reminisce the memories.met my super senior daud barieng who flirted wit me.tak bley blah.i havent imagined b4 that he's going to flirt or gotta put more n more effort this time i've target! it's smss10s.maybe i'll find a single-handsome-rich alumni there.or maybe i wont go. )=

February 17, 2006

i saved a life! how bout u??

ah.finally got my ass back at home.there's no safer place other than my home shweett home!

it's been a long long week.seriously a lo0o0o0o0o0ong one.wanted to update my blog on d weekdays but the connection was totally i was too lazy to bring my laptop to that far-far away~ academic block.

seriously i've to get myself back on seemed that i've been lost.especially in math.n also bio.n also chemistry.ahh smua-smualah.sheepPpp,,sumthing's wrong wit me but cudnt figure it CAS on tuesday so we've no class on that day.sadly the connection was like sheep that i used that chance to meet pn bad,my math teacher for consultation.she motivated me n her nice words has comforted least on that day. *sigh*

i've donated blood! ngeahahaa..for the 1st time ever in my life,i've donated my O-negative type blood!i was so murni~ ceh tak bleh blah..i've donated 450ml which is considered as triple bag! caish...sabau jer la tuan dukturrr..but then i felt dizzy.until today.until now.but still cant resist from typing moi blog out.

erm..ok..actually am not feelin well aite now.gotta update later.i've to have nice shleepp..k


February 11, 2006


part 2 :

okayh.back in moi blog.lost my idea when i'm talking to kak emi just now..ngehehehe..

yeay! found my hp battery..gotta make this hp lasts for 2 yrs,which is until nx yr.i'll buy new one when i'm going abroad.insyaAllah *pray hard*

where was I ek b4?..erm..nevermind.let's start off wit new ideas..

hurmph..i've re-check the academic requirement to trinity college dublin n...guess wutthaheck!?!? dental surgery is 39!!!!! i thought it's 38.dang dang dang...n now i've to struggle more on my academic (yearrite..konon je tp skang dok taip blog gak) aih...sheepPpPpp..then i've to do better la in my EE n my TOK essay..oh my oh my..i really need to go abroad..puhlease puhlease..

who called my house just now? other than wani,my fwens hardly call my house's number.except for shilake..naa..he's not going to call me.we'll never talk until forever.oh maybe it's for cikpi or abg or mak..

got my haircut today.just the same style as likey! it's simple yet nice.i luv it when it is newly cut coz the kakak will blow my hair n make it looks nice! ngeahaha..but then after i took my bath,there goes my nice hair..ngeahaha

on the way to dbp this morning,we passed thru my beloved skool,smss.n guess wut?? i've cried.not that i cried it loudly but there was tears in my i love that skool so much even a glimpse of it cud struck all the way thru my heart.i saw sum boys playin volleyball(wuttaheck..wut happened to rugby??) n a f1 boy i guess,wearing baju batik,waitin for his mommy n daddy kot..lookin at my beloved skool has dragged me again n again to the memory lane.where all the memories blooming n cheering up my day.despite the downs during my day..i'd give my all just to rewind those memories again.a place that makes almost 70% me a me.where i met my fwens n made them a part of me.hope we'll go strong n stronger until forever.only Allah knows how i love my skool so's the best 5yrs ever happened to me..

well well well.i'm getting more sick thinkin of my seems so hard to me.the road was so tough.but i wont give up.yes i'm young n hopeless in luv.but somehow i think there'll be sumday sumwhere when i'll be smiling all d way.

nature's call

a quote from ida's blog :
"Once you have loved, you will always love. For what's in your mind may escape but what's in your heart will remain forever."

valentine is on next tues.ngeahaha..n currently we r doink the love topic with missnina,moi english far there's nothing to be worried of.just simple simple activities n ..oh my God..i forgot!!we r to compose 2 poems n i havent think bout it yet..n farid,i havent completed our tips lor...i am so gonna have to stop surfing aite now.

i'll update later..wit my love poem..k?


Al-Fatihah to my x-3maju-mate,shayqerm for the departure of her mom.May her "roh" is blessed by my fwen, tough,k.we'll alwiz b ere 4 matter how far we r apart..Amiin..

wO!! wut a day today..went out wit mak from 11am n arrived home at 6.30pm!ngeahaha..the activity were so pack n we managed to settle many many things in one day!*clap clap*

i went to dbp today to find books for my EE.ok this is final.i'm going to do MALAY, IF AND ONLY IF my proposal is not i gotta put my whole effort for this masterpiece of mind so i'll get wonderful marks.haih..i bought "hujan sudah teduh" n i'm going to do a comparison of either feminisme element or citra wanita in both novel..dbp is so not welcoming.the bookshop is like a piece of shit.ngeahaha..the books are interesting..argghh..demi EE ku..i have to put my english novels on hold to concentrate on my EE..haih,haih n lots of haihhsss..

-commercial break-
f*ck f*ck where's my new hp battery.shEeEpp mak,i'm not totally spoonfed okayh!? argh bengangnyerrrrrrrrrrrr

we headed to mid val after i finally got my books.not in mood for shopping,seriously.went to i-forgot-the-name italy restaurant.mak said it's sekali-skala want to i was like whocares?'s her money~
went to "fitness station" n guess wut..mak bought a treadmill!!yeayy!!!! finally!!!..i'm so gonna go back home every week for workout!!the treadmill will b sent on thursday so nx week i'm going to start the whole new workout plan.bak kate INAW,nak masuk alumni dah so gotta workout on our figure.the salesgirl gave many useful tips to me.thanx ya! so the plan is going to be like this,weekdays,i'm going to have my life routine as usual.tues n wed is my netball practice.mon n thurs i'll jog.fri,sat n sun i'll use the treadmill!haih..poyo je plan2..ngeahaha

-commercial break
f*ck f*ck my fan is not ho0tt~
kak emi's ere!! long time no see
borak-boraking yada yada bla bla

eh..forgot oledi wut to say! rite back~

February 10, 2006

my baby has gone..

t-ya baby has gone )= darling-baby-angel satria120 has been passed in my atok's hand..i'm so sad..i didnt get the chance to say goodbye to t-ya..tsk tsk..she's done too many things for me.gave the chance to me to develop my driving skills..i'll be missin u baby.seriously.. )= )= mak u'r so mean!at least give me spend some time with t-ya before her departure!!!!!!! uwaa...seriously i'm so...sedeyyhh..

he came to kmb today! ngeahaha..tahahapahapatah.last nite i did a big mistake but i cudnt resist it )= i'm too..lonely? started wit that shtuupid mistake n then it kept on continuing until..erm..few hours ago? he gave me his maxis number.then said to me he's going to mcb representing kms for a rugby fwenly alwiz,wit his shweety-lovey-dovey ayat bunge2 he voiced out his dissapointment bcoz i went back early today n never got the chance to meet him*lol* poyo la hang!! he got lost on his way to mcb..ngeahaha..serves u rite!adoih..i'm so weak..wut happened to my promise?!?! ish ish ish

goin to dbp wit mak tomorrow.went around shah alam to find a reliable bookshop but the the result was error.undefined.sheEeEepp..hopefully i'll get sumthing tomorrow..puhlease~

haih..not in mood for blogging..

i'll update..sooner or later

February 09, 2006

BIN my mr bin~

ngeahaha..IB student loves to curik mase n aite now i'm curi-ing my time to blog! wut a despehrahddoo~

this week is such a terrifying week.ib students worst nitemare, EE has begun its haunting.oh my oh Allah.give me shine give me hope.give me good ideas to get good scores! puhlease......
i'm so indecisive..wut to do? which subject? help me! help me!!!!!!!!!!!
it's either malay or english.but the dateline due tomorrow..sheeePpPpPpp..mary had a lil lamb n lalalala~ talkin crap talking sheEeEeeP~

c'mon think hard...think hard...think smart??? ideaS ideaS ideaS ideaS

oh..credits to ila..i've finally spill out the MUSHI MUSHI new mr i knew his name! yeay~ the name's ***** BIN ******* so i'd call him my mr binbin ngeahahaha..i wuff that cute as my binbin biscuits~

how am i going to go back eh tis week?? haimeh...makk..pick me up pick me up.i wanna go dbp to find sumthing for my EE..mak help me...tsk tsk tsk....

or shud i go to science sel n seek help from my beloved teacher?s!?!?

arghh...EE is killing me..killing me violently! obviously~

chiow,chiow from now.will be back any sooner or later..

February 07, 2006



got many many probs in searching the right topic n the right subject

help me

=( =(

February 05, 2006

me..likey!! moi favourite drink! ice-blended cappucino!

wee..i'm going back soon~ wanna watch ajl tis nite but where shud i go? block d's tv wud challenge my patience but i'd really wanna watch ajl!!!do i have to merempat to other block!?!..haih..just wait n see..

ouh..this is my latest interest~ i've heard bout this series but never got the chance to watch it till i went to wani's house last nite.borrowed the 1st,2nd,n 3rd volume from her.we've made a deal that we're goin to share.i'm going to buy the 4th,5th,6th,9th n 10th series while wani will buy the rest..the hero is like soOoOoo..cute~ i've watch him in 3 in 1,one of the indon's cinetron show in astro ria

ok.get more week to go.another week to survive!

to be continued...sooner or later~

February 04, 2006

hepi besday to u~~

hepi becoming besday wani!!!~ today we went to mid val.the plan went quite OK tho there were minor minor slacks..ngehehe..see the planner la..i'm,proudly declared myself as the best planner ever borned in smss..ngehehehe..yer la..nobody ever certified me so i've to declare it myself la..ngehehe

i picked up che mi n syikin at their place.see..i told ya i'm totally suck in direction so we were a bit lost..ngehngehngeh..then we went straight to uia to pick up wani..annoyed by a poyo pakguard *sigh*.i've "assigned" ida to buy the ticket.soon after we arrived mid val,told che mi n kenken to accompany wani changing her clothes n me n fuzah went to book place for the mini-celebration.we managed to book kenny rogers n we booked domino's 4 a back-up plan

b4 the show,we played bowling.competed among,ida,fuzah n wawa as 1 group n chemi,ema,wani n kenken in the other one.i was totally suck in bowling..haih...but i managed to get strike ok ke...*pfft* team won!!ngeahaha..thanx to our stars of the day fuzah n wawa~

the winning team..*pfft*

the losers-yg-tak-bayar-lebeyh-2hengget~

after bowling,we headed to the cinema.watched the descent..the story was like..wutthefuckinhell!?!?! no motive.shttuupid ending.n the title has nothing to do wit the story..nothing i tell's all about fwenship.betrayal.unknown--blind-ugly monsters that looks like bigger version af a foetus..ok.i admit it the story did makes a rush in my adrenaline but after i;ve watched long khong,i think i've developed great breavery that i managed to stay my eyes open thruout the story.ngeahaha..*clap clap* to myself..but still,there were sum shocking parts ler in that story..ceh..baik gue tgk buli balek~

i was the one who had to bring wani to sumwhere else while they r busy preparing for the place.ngehehehe..i bet wani must be so weird that i brought her to the kedai letrik! ngeahaha..sorry lor idea.there were no surprise until we finished our meal...n tara~..happy becoming bday wani..ngeahaha..capub gler nyanyi2 n jerit2 in the restaurant.but who cares.the day is ours so ignore the public n let's njoy our day~..wani was a bit touched.oh yeah,amir,aisar n shanaz were there too.i dunno but i dun feel quite comfortable wit the..not tat i dun like them but i think i've acted quite weird to them.sorry la my fwen..

we ended our day at wani's place.lepak2 sat..ida vomitted.ngeahahah..sori la da..aku dah agak dah hang musti tak tahannyer ngan capuccino tuh.i'm an ice-blended-capuccinoholic so i'd enjoy wutever the tast is despite the sweetness,bitter-ness or likey!

oh.i really have to work out n do sumthing b4 i'll xplode!sumthing has made me even more determined..waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..mesti mesti mesti..

sumthing crossed my mind.will the badi sc slangor haunts me until the end of my life??uwaa....tanak..tanak...go go away from me shttuuppidddd badi..~ )=

to be continued...i dunno when~

February 03, 2006

dot dot dot...

yeah.i'm back to my home shweet home~
*thanks a lot to nabila n her mother for givin me a ride n sorry for the sudden decision of stopping sesuka hati nenet moyang kaye raye ditepi jalan..thanx.i owe u a lot~

oh was quite a week..(2 days is still consider a week,seriously!urmph..started wit a panic situation when i was scanning my id for the overnite.i thought i got busted bcoz i scanned my id earlier during the CNY holiday..luckily there were quite a number of us involved.we r the victim of the shhttuuuppiiiddd lame system.let's boycott the system!!!but then,like fiqah said, sbab tu la kite ni kmb,bkan intec~ ..nyeaahhh long as i can get my ass out of that place

oh oh...sumbody texted me yesterday.i got so panick n i was totally distracted that evening.i wanted to tell sumone but,huh..neither of my besties shud know this stupid mistake i've done..

Nad,u should listen to ths 2 songs stickwitu by pussycat dol n cintamu by dygta n ira...find it k

i was like...wuttaheck!?!? he knew it ka??? i texted mr lampard right after i got his lampard confirmed that he didnt tell him i dunno wut to do n who shud i turn to..luckily i've settled my bio n chem lab report.then i slept,wit the hope that i'll get sum brilliant ideas or i'll just ignore the msg.coz i've promised myself not to msg him anymore.that evening,i consulted nabila n i've came to the decision of *pura-pura innocent* so i decided to reply his msg..ngehehe..

oh..stickwitu me slalu dgr kat fly layan gler lagu tu..hehe..cintamu tu cam pnah dgr kat my fwen nye mp3..nape?

i know he won't reply late msgs so i know my question wont be la..maleh nak layan~ =P

i went for jogging that evening.ngehehe..smangat was quite a sunny day..n i managed to jog until the guardhouse.n when i was jalan-jalaning,i saw shilake
!this week was so..helle fella freakin week.i kept on seeing that shilake's face.i saw him everywhere i go also i saw his face..haih rase nak tumbuk jer.i hate u i hate u i hate u..forever!

i was a bit unstable this week.too many accumulated homework so i've to sort out the work slowly..i felt like breakin down but luckily i managed to stay calm (=..gler wo..i was better in sem 1..more efforts.a lil bit room was in a major mess.even so,i was a bit proud of myself because i managed to keep on smiling tho the burden is killin me.i've tidied up my locker.ngehehe..n now i've to concentrate on my accumulated assignments..chaiyok chaiyok..if it's not because of tomorrow's girls day out, i think i wont be goin back tis week~

stickwitu : nobody gonna love me better,i must stickwitu forever,nobody gonne take me higher..i must stickwitu~You know how to appreciate me.I must stick with you.My baby..Nobody ever made me feel this way..I must stick with you~

cintamu : cintamu yg kurasa,walau tak terucap..smakin dalam..cintamu..telah terukir dibatas cintaku selamanya..lepaskan cintamu walau sesaat sejujurnya diriku terlalu sayang padamu..ku ingin slalu dalam cintamu.

oh my God..does he know..does he know?? of all the songs y did he choose that 2 songs..does he think that i was expressing my feeling or wutever!?!?!?!those songs was nothin la..u asked for that other song so i decided to gave u..but it was such a waste if the whole cd has only 1 i decided to give u sum other songs it was nothing..nothing nothing nothing!!!!!

to b continued..this nite..

February 01, 2006

hahahaha saye dah sangap~

oh my..wut's wrong wit me..3 in a row?? i shud be doin my homework but i opt to waste my time!~

**** True Confessions******

I'm afraid of the quiet: not really.sumtimes i need time for my-own-self

I have cut myself: yeap..when i was in f1..pressure la tu konon

I m afraid of the dark: quite true..but since i entered boardingskool,i'm used to sleep in the dark.but not at home.ngehehe

I m afraid of facing my back to open doors at night
: naaa...not really

I ve run away from home: erm..have I? dun think so.insufficient money la.muehehehe

I collect comic books
: yeap.b4 this doraemon n ujang..but now utopia n shinchan..

I shut others out when I m sad
: nope..i'll keep it to myself..

I communicate with others easily
: not really...depends on who n where r..

I watch the news
: oh my..NOPE..not really..

I own over 5 rap CDs: CDs? wut for..dload je la..muehehehe..i owned hundreds of rap songs..~

I own something from Hot Topic
: nope..

I love Disney movies: yeap..most of them..but dun really have time to watch..recently

I am a sucker for eyes: No..not really..

i kill bug: when i think it's bugging me..ngehehehe

I curse regularly: oh my..tryin my best to reduce it..sumtimes it just slipped out from my mouth..

I have an "x" in my screen name: NO..

I ve slipped out a "lol" in a real conversation
: naa..u think i'm addicted to this kinda languange ka??

I like Spam
: NO..

I bake well: i dun even know how to bake..~

I have worn pajamas to class: no chance to do so

I have a job: no.that's y i'm answering these Qs..hoho

I love someone/like someone: maybe..

I am guilty of tYpInG lIkE tHiS: owh..shud I?

I am self-conscious: yeap..maybe..

I like to laugh: yeap..lots n lots

I have tried alcohol: hell no..

I have tried a cigarette: during my zaman kegelapan..*haih*

Swallowing pills make you gag: no.i'mcool wit it

I have many emotional scars: wut does an emotional scar looks like?if it's sumthing invisible,then yes.millions of it

I have many physical scars
: yup..mostly got it from my childhood mischievous-ness (men longkang n stuff) n one from jatuh longkang time f1..*sigh*

I can t sleep if there is a spider in the room
!: i dun even bother actually

I am really ticklish: not really..

I love chocolate: nope.not really

I bite my nails: dun think so..

I am comfortable with being me: urm..this is hard..

Seen a shooting star: sadly no..

Laughed and had some type of beverage come out of your nose: euww..bleh ek? wud like to try once…

Swore at your parents: swore-NO..shout ade la kot..haih..anak durhaka tul

Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour: not even one glass of milk.not really into milk

Drank a half a gallon of milk in under a minute: wud like to try..

bitten someone
:dun think so

Gotten the chicken pox: uwa..not sure la

Crashed into a car
: huwahuwa...yeap..into a makcik kecoh's car..

ridden in a taxi: lorgh..frequently..especially in kl..

Had feelings for someone who didn t like you back: uh..maybe

Had a crush on a teacher/coach
: nope~

Been On A Plane: hurm..yeap..langkawi.penang.umrah.medan..

Eaten Sushi
: Nope.i'm no a sushi lover

Walked purposefully into traffic with your eyes closed: glor ke aper?

About You:

1 - Full Name: N
2 - Nick name: nad.nazira.adik.kak jiah.(depends to whom it may concern~)
3 - birthday: july 30,87
4 - place of birth: pantai medical centre,kl
5 - zodiac sign: leo
6 - male or female: female
7 - school: skhicom, SCIENCE SLANGOR SECONDARY SCHOOL,mara college banting
8 - occupation: unoccupied
9 - residence: shah alam,slangor
10 - screen name: nzra

11 - hair color: black,highlighted *lol*
12 - hair length: long-layered
13 - eye color: dark brown
14 - height: 166 kot
15 - braces: nope
16 - glasses: contact lens + pinkish spec
17 - piercings: yup
18 - tattoos: nope
19 - righty or lefty: righty


20 - movie: too many
21 - tv show: cso
22 - color: blue n pink
23 - band: too many
24 - song: too many
25 - food: sumthing tasty
26 - drink: lemonade
27 - candy: forgot oledi
28 - sport: netball.ok lor.futsal.
29 - brand of clothing: anything
30 - school subject: chemistry
31 - animal: none
32 - book: p/s i luv u
33 - magazines: utopia,cleo


34 - eating: keropok pedas
35 - drinking: sky juice
36 - online: nobody
37 - thinking about: assignments
38 - wanting to: ponteng skool.*lol*
39 - watching: laptop screen
40 - listening to: takbisakah-peterpan
41 - wearing: AF shirt n danau toba sort pants


42 - want kids: of course,insyaAllah
43 - get married: of course,insyaAllah
44 - carreers in mind: dental surgeon

Opposite Sex:

45 - cute or sexy: cute
46 - lips or eyes: erm...both
47 - hugs or kisses: again,both
48 - short or tall: tall
49 - romantic or spontaneous: wahaha..i'm so tamak.both!!
50 - glasses: cool wit it
51 - sensitive/loud: loud
52 - hook up/relationship: relationship
53 - sweet or caring: absolutely both

Have You Ever:

54 - kissed a stranger: hell no
55 - smoked: yeap
56 - ran away from home: nope
57 - broken a bone: nope.
58 - got an xray: of course
59 - broke someones heart: dunno.
60 - turned someone down: benci
61 - cried when someone died: hell,yes
62 - cried at school: yup
Do You Believe In...

63 - God: yes,yes,yes n yes
64 - miracles: used to,but no longer
65 - love at first sight: dunno
66 - ghosts: yup!hahaha
67 - aliens: maybe
68 - soul mates: yes
69 - heaven: yes
70 - hell: yes
71 - kissing on the first date : nope nope n nope
72 - horoscopes: depends

Answer Truthfully:

73 - is there sumone you want? : YES

pIxies piXies

yeay finally got the pixies from cikdin!! cud i forgot to bring along mydigicam..sabau ajo lah~

cik pi...n the thingy (wut thingy??)

vain..vain..we all looked so vain..ngehehehe..they r the shopaholics~

the driverss...muehehehehhehe

cikpi n her fiancee..wanzaimah

yummy superdelicious ayam percik...wee...~


the next top models..wahahaha

mak n mak semah at our bungalow..tahpapetah~

well...just a few interesting bro was the photographer n see cikdin....abg pon totally suck in taking it's in d gene..tokleh nok wat pape...wahahaha


no more empty time i'll b totally sure.dun want the pain of falling in n out of's more than my poor heart shud i'll listen to all advice.n remember each time i cry.that guess i'm only..brokenhearted??

oh my wut's wit d phrases? ngehngehngeh..nothin much..huargh...woke up quite early today.this is woman's problem so i shud clean up myself *lol*

he texted me last that explains the phrases.juz a simple txt.tho i've deleted his name,but my ability of remembering numbers is undeniable.especially to those who meant sumthing to me.i'll juz ignore that msg.i've to be strong.yeah!no more poor this mean time,i'll b concentrating on my kanye west plan *sigh*

heartbreaker u've got the best from me.but i just keep on coming back incessantly.y did u have to run ur game on me.i shud hv known right from d start.u'd go n break my heart.

yeap.i knew it from d start but i did spare my heart.but from now on till whenever,i'l just shut it closely n hold 'em tightly.

help me!!!

oh hello?? wuttaheck i'm doin rite now??? i've lots n lots of ass-ignments but i dont even bother to look at 'em..haihhh

malas malas malas