October 31, 2012

Goodbye freedom!

Received this, this morning. I'm still in shock. Tak mencapai berat target lagi dah kena panggil keje woihhh...mampuihhhhh...

Ya Allah, biar dimana sahaja posting saya, moga itu yang terbaik.

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October 24, 2012

So it begins..The first 2 weeks of my battle against my own weight :p

First and foremost I'd have to say...I have stop consuming this product for few reasons that I will state latter in this post. But I still have to give credits to it because it got me started more seriously on the weight loss journey..

One day a friend of mine, W came to me, would you like to try Product X? There will also be a contest something like The Biggest Loser, where you will get cash prize for losing the biggest weight percentage.

I thought to myself...why not? I want to lose weight..I am still jobless, some extra cash would be nice. Plus, our other friend, Z won the similar competition a few months ago. So we decided to give it a go.
We were late by 1 week, so the contest was only 3 weeks to us instead of 1 month.

Came to Product X place at KL but we went to the talk first before we started to weigh in. At the talk, it was a really major turn off for me. Very MLM-ish in which I reaaaaaallllllyyyyyyyyy hate. Obsessed groupies getting "autograph" from speakers. I had a lot of what-the-feck moments in there and I was holding back my anger, felt like I was trapped, but it was just plain misunderstanding, I actually did not have to come to the talk. So cut the story short, I've thought to myself, I won't be consuming this Product X for long!

At the first weigh in my weight was at whooping xx kg. I think the heaviest I ever achieved. Paid RM6xx for Product X which is quite expensive and would be hard to maintain in the long run. Since Product X can also be used to gain weight when eaten with regular meals, I tried to stick to the recommended plan, replace my breakfast and dinner with Product X and only take lunch.

The first few days was the hardest, but I was quite determined so I kept holding on. It was hardest at night, when your stomach grumbles.. crying due to hunger. Product X claims to make you feel full but I guess it just didn't work on me. As time goes by, my throat actually started to reject Product X. I hated the taste that I had to hold myself from throwing up everytime I sip in the drink...

I also started to exercise. Since my knee was still weak, I traveled to and fro Taman Melati to my brother's apartment to use the gym. They had the elliptical trainer which was much suitable for my condition.

10 days after the first weigh in I went for the second weigh in and I have dropped 5 kg. In 10 days! Pretty impressive ey?

But actually I have started to read more about the science behind weight loss and started to dig deeper. I am pretty confident I can actually start on a healthier regime, less torturing (torture = kelaparan :P) and can be sustained for long term.

2 weeks after consuming Product X, I finally gave up and started on a new diet plan.

What? Why? How?

October 18, 2012

Segalanya bermula disini...the journey..

I am actually quite reluctant to come out with this post because I'm afraid I might jinx it. And then I promised myself, when I hit the first 10, I will write, just to serve as a reminder for myself in case I got sidetracked in the future. Alhamdulillah I have lost the first 10kg, but this is still far less than ideal, I need to work harder, I need to lose a lot more!

So what got me started to this weight loss journey? Lots of things. Kena perli, kena ejek, baju tak muat, and above all, I need to do it because I need to do it.

The picture below was me on my first year in Ireland. Still big, but not as much as I was when I finished my fifth year in Ireland...
And this is how I got bigger and bigger, membesar bagaikan juara from my second to fourth year...

And this is me on my final year, my graduation day, my last holiday in Nice.

This is me after I got back for good, pre puasa and a little bit after raya. Damn so round and bulat!

So yeah, it is quite alarming and I need to do something before I explode...

I used to be so determine to lose my weight after SPM and I did it. But the effort went into the drain and I lost it while I was studying..So I know, I have it in me, I can actually try it again..

So what did I do?

October 08, 2012

A journey to self discovery

I made my blog private for the past few weeks. Reason being I was so embarrassed when I read my old posts. Macam remaja psycho kalau ada time travelling machine saya balik saya jentik diri sendiri time tu. Hihihi.

So what's up?

1. I'm still jobless. Still waiting to be called by KKM. Stwess la jugak dah 4 bulan jugak saya menganggur. Entah reti entah tak cabut gigi lagi. Saya rindu sebenarnya nak jumpa patient nak buat kerja. Tp entahlah..kita sabaq je la na?

2. I spent most of my time travelling to and fro Shah Alam and Melati. Menebus masa yang hilang dengan Nayli. She's cheeky. She's very clever. Dah pandai nyanyi macam2 lagu. Suka ikut kalau saya solat. Ada hari cranky, biasalah budak2 kan. Oh tapi saya sayang ini budak lagi2 kalau dia panggil saya dgn suara lembut "Maknaaaah~" (maknah = makngah) boleh cair hati luruh jantung.

3. I'm starting my battle to losing weight again. Zzzzz. Again and again and againnn. I gained loads and loads of kgs since the past few years. Stress study, patah hati (eh?) Lepastu bila tengok gambar. Omg bulatnya rasa nak sepak. Jadi saya kumpul balik kekuatan yang pernah ada dulu, dan mula kembali. Tak semudah lepas spm dulu sebab lutut yg uzur ni manja sikit so tak boleh la nak buat benda intense. Nanti details saya cerita next post :) To date dah hilang dalam 9kg tapi jangan tertipu, 9kg out of badan yg mcm assyaitonirrojim ni mungkin macam takde pape je. Perjalanan saya jauh lagi..nak tunggu sampai org sekali tengok pun dah perasan..ehh awak dah kurus sikit lew. Zzzz. Berangan tu free kan? Sekarang ni kalau cakap kat orang pun belum tentu percaya..

4. Saya belum kahwin or tunang lagi. Eh? Apa kaitan. Ye la zaman orang kata umur tengah peak orang kawen ni kan. Memang ketinggalan habis. Kalau mai psycho peer pressure tu memang la macam risau jugak..tapi kalau fikir payahnya nak dapat the right guy that can accept me and vice versa..yg boleh diharap, yg solat cukup 5 waktu. Sigh..saya simpan je la kerisauan tu dan doa moga Allah temukan juga akhirnya.

So that's about it I guess. Semoga saya rajin nak post lagi..taaaaaa..
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