February 27, 2012

February 24, 2012


When human being fails you, turn to the nature for comfort.

Serabut otak sekarang.

Tapi tak sabar nak jumpe kekasih2 hati this weekend.

February 15, 2012


Maybe its the best to let go of this feeling rather than holding onto it and suffer.


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February 14, 2012

Last Dentcup!

My last dentcup and we won!!

I had severe stomach cramp today. Couldn't really stand straight from this morning but I had to toughen up to attend discussion, lecture and treat patient.

Later this morning my classmate went to me and asked if I'm up for playing today. Everyone was pretty tied up with other stuff so I just said yes despite the pain. It's gonna be my last dentcup anyway so I don't want to miss it.

Before the game I gobbled up 2 Nurofen with hope I'll be pain free. Hopped on my classmate's car and we went to Highfield. The 3rd years had like 7-8 people in their team but we had only 5, so we played with no subs. For 35 mins!

The first goal was from the 3rd year, I was warming up then. We got back to our feet and scored 3 more before halftime. I don't want to brag but I think I was on form :P The turf was really nice to play and the weather was good (some heavy wind, but not too bad) so I had no problem diving on to save the balls. I must say I saved a good few tonite :B The game ended with the score 3-2 and we won :D There was one really high impact ball that I saved with my hands so they are pretty sore now but it's totally worth it!

Good times, good games girls :)
E said "everyone says Cameltoeeee" so I bursted out a silent laugh but my mouth was wide open

Better picture!

February 12, 2012

Sunday Morning

Aktiviti paling indah dlm dunia ialah bergulung dalam duvet dan pura-pura sushi.

Ahad, jangan berlalu pantas sangat. Biarkan aku menikmati kamu sepuasnya sebelum isnin selasa rabu khamis dan jumaat merampas kebebasan aku.

February 11, 2012

Small gift, big impact

Today I received a card from my patient. On the front of the card, there was a painting made by her. She was asking me what's my favourite colour on her previous visit..tup tup today she came with this. Very the thoughtful! She's an artist (like a painter-artist not singing-artist) by the way!

I can't stop admiring her paint. Nampak cam normal je tapi it felt so special to me. Hohoh..melankolik plak.

Glad to know my work is appreciated :')

February 08, 2012


Hujan renyai dinegeri orang, hujan petir kilat dinegeri sendiri. Lebih baik tak hujan langsung tak suke woi kasut basah!

The weather has been a lil crazy these days. Temperature dropped to below 10 (and some days 0). A very delayed winter I must say.

So my 1st year it was a mild winter with a lot of rain. Light drizzle of 10 mins "snow" in March at the end of the season. We were told that's how winter was in ireland. No snow, just rains.

2nd year we had a more than 10 mins snow. I remembered I was enjoying the snow rain by the window and we took picture at the backyard of our house. Our neighbour's car was well covered by the snow.

3rd year is the crazy snow year. It was crazy cold and our house water supply was frozen! We even managed to build snowman and played a round or two of snowball fights.

4th year I kind of "escaped" the winter but it was kind of horrible. Flights were delayed all over Europe. We learned a few tricks to avoid frozen water so supply wasn't disturbed.

5th year I thought we are finally experiencing mild winter. It was mild last christmas. Turns out the season was just delayed by few weeks and we are now suffering from the cold weather.

I have a feeling I might miss having this 4 seasons when I'm back to my beloved tropical climate one season country. Tak sangka I've been through 5 winters already :')

Very the nostalgic innit?

February 07, 2012

My mantra these days..

Memanglah risau..kawan sekeliling dah start to tie the knots, gaining new status, becomes parent etc..tapi I guess I have to prioritize things.

Pass this final year first and graduate.

Balik Malaysia lepastu start fikir.

Bismillahirrahmaanirrahim. Permudahkanlah Ya Allah

February 06, 2012

Setelah bertahun-tahun...

Akhirnya Nabila berjaya menjejakkan kaki ke kampung Corkoro! Setelah sekian lamanya menjejakkan kaki. 

Tengok first half Ireland vs Wales at the restaurant. Wales beat Ireland from the 1 last penalty kick so sadddd

Grilled organic salmon at Fishy Fishy. So so so so yummy. Price is a bit expensive but I think it's kind of worth it?

Nabila and her goofy face. Berjaya jugak saya makan setelah bertahun-tahun tengok kat tv! It's actually really nice. I thought it's yucky and smelly!

Charlesfort @ Kinsale. My favourite place :)

Nabila, upon arrival. Muka berlengas dan melekit.

February 01, 2012

Roadtrip to Dingle

Had a roadtrip last weekend to Dingle with my good friends. Despite the cold and wet weather, it was one enjoyable and fun trip :)

The girls
Waterstream at the valley

Journey up and down the hilly roads

In front of our cottage with our rides. Wira, Mini Cooper, Audi A4 and Ford Focus

Westlife wannabes

Dingle Valley
Jarang wa update blog lately. Mainly because 1) Tak jiwa kacau sangat 2) Otak more to pressure dengan hal-hal ke-akademik-an 3) Nothing much to be talked about

Tomorrow, it's February. 2 months before my other final exams start. *kesat peluh*