August 30, 2014

One of those days..

One of those days when you are certainly not in mood and feel like just curling yourself up in the duvet.

August 28, 2014

Beach selfie

Finding peace from the nature. Excuse my unshowered face with tudung rambut tersembul, I was just so happy being so close with my favourite element.

Guess where I am/was(?)

August 25, 2014

August 23, 2014

My boring weekend

One of those rare weekend that I am stuck in Pontian simply because I am oncall this week. Oncall in Pontian is nothing like JB. It is very much calmer but you really can't predict what could happen over the week..

I was doing locum on Friday so it went pretty quickly. Had a call at 4.30pm for a case of 5 years old being knocked down by a cow (YES, MY SECOND COW VS HUMAN CASE WHAT'S WITH MY LUCK EH?) and he sustained a 5cm laceration wound on the cheek and a degloving injury intraorally. The laceration wound on the cheek was simple but the degloving injury gave me a bit headache but I managed to heck it anyway. So thankful the case came when I was finishing my locum because I spent like 2 hours stitching up the boy T________T

It is the time on the month but I managed to force myself to wake up and go for a run today. My weight has been skyrocketting within this few months so I have to do something. Spent a good hour running and fastwalking at the mini stadium and by the seaside. Managed to beat the stomach cramp I am so happy with myself because the last time I ran 10km with stomach cramp I could barely run!

Morning from Pontian :)
Went to do some groceries right after the run and went back home. Made a simple breakfast and straightaway rolled my sleeves up and spent a good 4 hours doing total house cleaning. Cleaned my room, mopped the floor, scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen. It was about 2pm when I finished cleaning I was too tired to even stand. Fried some simple mihun for lunch and tried to sleep but failed miserably..

After several failed attempts to sleep I went out for a sightseeing but was back home half an hour later because there's really nothing much to do in Pontian -__-" So I decided to prep my dinner and managed to prepare ayam paprik and sup sayur to bring to work tomorrow..

Grilled tomatoes, half boiled egg and grilled tuna for breakfast. Omelette with ayam paprik and rice for dinner..

After dinner I had another case of post extraction bleeding. Thank God it was a simple one and I went alone without my assistant and managed to come back home after 45 minutes.

It was quite a boring weekend for me as compared to the always busy weekend I had back home. But not for long now.... Thank God I had Domok accompanying me all along :D
Domok says HI!

August 22, 2014

To all Malaysians, welcome home

During my five years abroad the thing that I look forward to every summer time is going back home to the family and friends. Tickets have been bought as early as March and we always put that as our motivation as we go through the stressful examination weeks.

Throughout my five years of traveling to and fro Ireland-Malaysia my choice of airline is none other than our very own Malaysian Airlines. I have once flew a neighbour country airline. The flight was comfortable, I think the legroom is a bit more spacious and we even got our own inflight packages but nothing beats the homely feeling and the warmth of the crews of MAS.

After fighting with exams and settling clinical requirements we go on counting days to the departure. Journey back home requires a transit and we fly from Cork to either Heathrow or Amsterdam. My personal choice of airport is Amsterdam as it gives out more friendly vibe compared to Heathrow. 1 hour from Cork following transit of 2 to 4 hours we finally see the boarding sign on the display.

The moment we stepped onboard we are already greeted by the wide smiles of the crews. Berita Harian, Utusan, News Straits Times are prepared by the door of the aircraft and that made us feel all giddy up inside having to touch something 'home' after a while. The crews never fail to help us with our overweight hand luggages as they are being lifted up into the compartments. As everything goes into place, the flight boarded and we are finally on the way back home :)

The inflight meals aren't the most delicious food you ever tasted but they are served by the ever patience crews who would go to every passengers enquiring beef or chicken, nasi lemak or western, spaghetti or they serve the delicious bun and pouring juices they maintain the smile although God knows how tired they are of doing the same thing countless times.

As we arrive, the pilot will greet us "...and to all Malaysians, welcome home" A single most powerful line that brushes away the tiring thirtheen hours journey.

Words may fail me but trust me MAS has always been so close to my heart and forever will have my support. For whatever unfortunates that have fallen onto MAS's shoulder this year, I will always stand by your side. .

To all crews and passengers of MH17, welcome home.

Al Fatihah.

August 21, 2014


Parts and parcels of my job as a dental officer in MoH includes community service like this. Talks to all sorts of people at all levels.

I always have passion working with people. I like helping people making their lives better. The smile on my patient's face after receiving treatment is like a booze to me. I may only be a Dentist that works at only a portion of human's body but I am truly blessed for having this opportunity to help other people.

But my career plan will not stop at where I am right now. I will work my way up. Some time in the future, I will be sitting in a better place. Maybe in my own clinic. Maybe in my own specialist room. Maybe in front of my future students. And hopefully happy in the arms of my future family with my kids.


Come what may, Allah is the best planner. Putting my faith on Him to decide what is the best for me and may with every difficulties He places along the way, He will also grant me strength by the side.

August 08, 2014

Rusty dusty

My English has been pretty rusty these days. So here's an attempt to save my losing Cork accent.

Classmates coming in a month! Sexciteddddddd 😁😁😁😁

New company

Meet my new company...Mr D. Domok on good days..Dickhead on bad ones! Lol.

Still dreaming on that bed-sized teddy.... As for now let me just be happy with my half-a-bed-sized Domdoms alright?

My birthday has always been a big deal for me...That's just me and my weaknesses for making it a big deal. I tend to get either really sad or really happy on my birthday. Last year was on spot, jackpot! I had all I need to make me happy.

As for this year.....not quite a hit I must say. But I am still thankful I had my mak aunties uncles and cousins singing bday song for me at 12 o' few hundreds from abang despite him not wishing me on that day itself and a great friend who took all the trouble to sing me my bday song. And of course my belated,precious bday gift who just came today..

Dah tua2 pun perangai camni kan? Sori laaaaa that's just my weakness, alright.

August 01, 2014

Make your wish

Happy birthday to me :)