January 30, 2011

A stomachful weekend @ Bristol and a lil bit of London

Weekend getaway at Bristol (via London). I bought the ticket monthss ago.Predicted I'll be kinda stressed out dealing with withdrawal from Malaysia, I chose this weekend to meet my good friend, Nabila.

If I was to sum up this weekend, I would say this is a weekend of good fooooood. A perfect escape I must say. Hilang sekejap stress dalam otak.

1st stop : Noodle in a box. Walked from one end to another end of Oxford St just for this. Is it worth it? Of course yes! Oh ye, I made a quick transit at London city centre for few hours before taking bus to Bristol.

2nd stop : Grilled Burger Kitchen. Satay burger so biggggggg! Hilang penat terkejut naik bukit kejap after I had this
3rd stop : Moorish Cafe @ St Nicks market. Had the warm and delish Moroccoan chicken in the midst of freezing weather.
Moroccoan chicken served with rice and vege.

4th stop : Las Iguanas, a mexican restaurant. This is the highlight! The best of the best. Hahaha..Wouldn't mind coming back to Bristol for this

I had spicy chicken enchiladas. It was served with Black beans and coriander rice. Never tasted such combination but it was really really good!

We also ordered chicken wing. Hot and spicy. Sedap. Lengkap. Parfait!

5th stop : HALAL PLACE TO EAT IN STANSTED AIRPORT FINALLY!!!! It is so disappointing that we always had to settle for fish or vege at the airport. Baik Heathrow, mahupun Stansted. But I discovered this lil shop hidden behind the duty free shop, Yam Yam To Go that served Malaysian and Singaporean noodle. The chicken are halal!

last minute hasil tangkapan at the airport. I know the look is a bit erm..unpretty. But it is Swatch, it is light and of the utmost important, it is on 30% discount! Yeay! This..totally completes my getaway. I've been searching high and low for an affordable watch that meets my criteria, thank God I found this gem!

All in all thank you very much Nabila. For the food, for the hospitality and for putting up with my snor *malu* :) Cepat lah datang Cork please?

p.s : My ears are so familiar with Cork accent that I found it quite hard to accept the British accent. At one (embarassing) moment, siap tak faham lagi what the salesgirl was saying. *facepalm* Rasa macam baru fly datang sini plak dah..

January 28, 2011

Kehidupan sebagai surirumah

These days I somehow felt like I'm a working mother who owns 5 children that doesn't have maid to help around at home. Here's why I think so :


6.45am : Wake up, mandi, solat, breakfast

8.25am : Leave home for the hospital

5pm : Done with hospital. Stopped by Tesco to buy groceries

5.30pm : Reach home.

6.00pm : Prepare dinner, Do laundry

6.30pm : Mandi, solat, dinner, melagha

8pm : Cook for tomorrow's bekal to school

9/10pm : Get some work done (or try to..)



6.45am : Mandi, solat

7.30am : Take out clothes from dryer, breakfast

8.25am : Leave home for hospital

5.30pm : Reach home

6pm : Iron and lipat baju

6.30pm : Mandi, solat

7pm : Cook for dinner, Dinner, melagha

9/10pm : Get some work done (and also write blog. lol)

The point I'm trying to bring up here is, minus the kids, the husband, I'm pretty much doing most of a housewife job already.

Heheh..Maaf post tiada motif. Just trying to slack around a bit. Benci betul la I buat lit review ni.

January 24, 2011

My blog is FIVE years old!

How could I forget to make an entry?

Happy 5th anniversary! I actually started blogging with friendster when I was in KMJ back in 2005. I'm not quite sure if the blog is still there coz the content is kinda emo-ish back then (macam sekarang tak emo je). I mean emo budak baru abis sekolah which I think if I read it again now, I might knock my head with hammer for coming out with something like that. Officially moved to this url on 21st of January 2006.

I started reading blogs somewhere after I finished school. Decided to jump into the bandwagon sebab tengok cambesttt je ade blog nih. Hihihi..I have been an avid reader of Peejburhan's and Along's for a few good years and a few more blogs that was closed here and there di pertengahan jalan.

I hope this online and public "journal" of mine could remain forever so that when I'm old I could look back what I've done throughout the years.

Okaylah. I typed this when I'm half asleep so excuse my grammars and improper sentences.

January 21, 2011

BB come back to me.

I was having quite a war with my BB just now. Upgraded the software and the desktop manager and suddenly it became crazy. Spent like 4-5 hours mending it. Alhamdulillah it's now back on track. Siap dah browse nak beli BB lain dah tadi :P

In this twitter era, I blog less. Mainly because my thoughts were channeled out on the spot, so kurang feel nak berblog. Anyhooo I'm trying to update as frequent as I could now since I'm in the mood. I dunno how long will this last though. Heheh.. are the pictures that I was talking about last Monday. Picture of my classmates in scrub and pictures from the outpatient theater.

my classmates, well, most of them at least. Yup, that's our uniform/scrubs.

In the theater room, in a different scrub. I didn't know the another guy that was working with Prof S is a registrar! Lol..I thought he is an SHO!

January 20, 2011

11 tahun yang bermakna dalam hidup

Tiap-tiap tahun pun buat, tiap-tiap tahun pun ulang. 11 tahun perkenalan saya sama insan-insan yang tersayang.

Sekolah Menengah Sains Selangor, 19/1/2000...

Sesat sikit dalam perjalanan ke SMSS. Dulu Cik Din sekolah situ, tapi mak dah tak ingat sangat jalan. Telefon uncle Azhar, dia bagi direction, Alhamdulillah, sampai jugak..

Pergi ke Dewan untuk mendaftar. Lepastu Kak Siti Zuraimi tolong bawak beg naik asrama. Masuk Dewan Makan dapat makan nasi tomato, duduk sebelah Nadiah - kawan pertama saya di SMSS. Merangkap rakan sekelas selama 3 tahun.

Masuk ke dorm Wira 9, C2.6. Ada beberapa pelajar tingkatan 1 yang lain dalam dorm ini, ah lega sikit rasanya. Sedikit sebak orang lain datang bersama ibu ayah adik-adik. Tapi aku bersyukur ibu tetap setia menghantar aku kesini.

Petang itu, tukar baju sukan, turun berkumpul di padang Wembley selepas Asar. Salah seorang dari kami lambat, alasan diberikan, solat hajat lepas solat Asar. Tergelak semua orang dengar.

Malam itu, pertama kali tidur di asrama, pertama kali tidur di katil double decker tingkat atas, pertama kali tidur dalam bilik gelap. Sebelum mata lelap, air mata laju mengalir teringat rumah..

Cork, 19/1/2011.....

Alarm 1 berbunyi, aku tutup. 15 minit kemudian alarm 2 berbunyi, aku tutup. 15 minit lagi, alarm 3 berbunyi aku biarkan snooze selama 5 minit....darab 5. 7.26am aku bangkit bangun lantas mandi.

Habis bersiap, bersarapan, laptop kututup dan melangkah turun. Ah, aku terlupa untuk menukar kasut lagi. Terpakai kasut klinik kerumah pula. Terpaksa meredah kesejukan dingin pagi dengan kasut nipis ini memandangkan kasut ku ditinggal di bilik kami menukar pakaian.

Melangkah membelah kesejukan pagi yang menusuk ke tulang ini buat aku terfikir, 11 tahun dulu tak pernah aku terfikir untuk berada disini. 11 tahun dulu, masuk ke asrama pun aku reluctant. Tapi kini aku jauh beribu batu dari rumah.

8 jam aku bertarung di hospital mendengar kuliah Ethics and Law. Perjuangan untuk stay focus dan stay awake, memang payah. Belakangku sakit, mata kiriku mula tidak selesa. Pulang ke rumah, mandi, solat makan malam dan sini aku menghadap laptop mengimbas kembali zaman persekolahan ku dulu.

Love, Friendship, Unite.

January 19, 2011

Perasaan ingin membunuh

I have a literature review that is due next month that I've got no idea how to do that I've found no article at all that can help me with this. Ngggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm damn angry.

I can't move on and do other things if I can't get this started. But I need to start revising Crown and Bridge and Ortho because I'm so clueless about 'em and I've got exam next next month. Nggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh marahnye @#$TYUY%T#@$%Y^%Y%$#@$%%Y!!!!±!@!

Sekian melaporkan dari otak yang hampir meletup.

January 18, 2011

Pull don't push!

My second time in the operation room. It was grand, no fancy cases. All of them were only extractions.

BUT, I get to extract 5 teeth today! Just this 1 day can beat the amount of teeth I have been extracting last semester. Last semester we had this extraction course where everyone would be in the Oral Surgery every Monday. There are 10 people in my group, and in most afternoons there would be only 3-4 cases. So we don't really get that many of chance to extract teeth. As far as I can remember I only did 2. 3 la maybe at most.

Today I was given the chance by Prof S to extract 5 teeth from this old man. He needed what they call "clearance"; ie all teeth must be out! Poor old guy how is he going to eat now? Kantoi budak gemuk pikir makan je (English translation in case Michele is reading : "oh I'm such a fatass all I think about is eating" lol it sounded harsh in English) I did extractions on his lower right 3,4,5,2 and 1 (Incisor - 2nd premolar) You really need a lot of energy when you extract teeth. A lot of time, Prof S would be shouting "strongerrrrrr, pull strongerrrrrrrr" to my ears.Heh.

It is a lot easier to do extractions when the patient is unconscious because well, the thing that makes extraction harder is when the patient moans and groans, complaints of pain etc. Since the patient was under GA I can do however I want. Terkoyak gusi ke apeadehal nanti jahit je balik~

Today there was also a photographer for Iri*sh Den*tal Association Journal who came to take pictures for the journal. Actually we already took a class picture with him last Friday but today he came to take the picture of the operation room. He said he wanted to capture the day-to-day things around Cork Dental School and Hospital or something like that la. So I got 2 pictures of mine! Heheheh...tahpape ni pun nak bangge.

2 conclusions that I got today :

1. I love oral surgery. I *think* I want to be an oral surgeon. But do I have what it takes to be one? Iono. I guess I'll just have to go with the flow, no?

2. I wish I'm taller. Standing on tiptoe for about 2-3 hours to get a good view of the mouth isn't really a pleasant thing to do. Maybe I should put insoles in my shoes. Maybe I should get a taller shoes.

Next Monday is my last day for oral surgery rotation. Sobs..I'll be back around April or so. Next up I will be at Radiology Department. Let's get ready to be "roasted" by Dr McD shall we?

January 16, 2011


I am feeling slightly better now, Alhamdulillah. Maybe I just need to talk to people more. People that is actually around me. Not the one inside this white stuff, living in YM or Facebook or Twitter. Heh. Perasan tak nowadays Facebook je is enough to make sure we keep in touch we someone. Tak jumpa 2 tahun pun kalau dah Facebook je rasa yes, we are actually friends and we do keep in touch. Is that a good thing or bad thing? Iono, you decide..

Since last Friday I have been bugged by the Angry Birds virus. It all started when College Humor posted a review on Angry Birds in their Youtube channel. And of course I've been reading from twitter people were talking about this shaite. I finally succumbed to the pressure and bought the apps. Yes, I actually bought the apps ok. Freaking 79cent I can buy a croissant with that. So anyway, I've been playing since last Friday, and never quite stop since that. This game is f-ing addictive I tell yaaaa..

You see, I have this one notorious problem that people around me should know. I am a very impatient person. If I start with something, I must get it finish fast. Kalau tengok cerita Korea, kalau semua episod dah ada, saya akan habiskan tengok smua cerita tu in a day. I need to know what is the ending. A lot of time I would be fast-forwarding a few parts that I don't wanna see. Heh. Sebab tu saya malas nak tengok cerita Korea, it will take up most of my time. Mau tak tido malam sebab struggle nak habiskan jugak. The same story with Angry Birds. Really need to discipline myself like "okay, kalau 10 tries don't kill the pigs I will quit". Yes, the aim is kill all the piggies. Sometimes they wear helmets too and make it harder to kill. Pfft

Oklah I wanna try to finish another stage of Angry Birds, then I wanna go mandi and start my life. It's 12.25pm now anyway. heh

January 14, 2011


Slightly in depressed mode now. Whenever I'm in my room I feel very tired, angry, lonely, sad. The atmosphere is just too depressing. I would go to sleep very early and just keep myself busy at the hospital to take my mind off this gloomy mood. I guess I might have to try to stayback and study at the study room in the hospital if I keep on being like this.

I need lending ears. I need my friends here. I need to come home to know mom will always be there to reply me whenever I shout her name.

Kenape la gatal sangat tangan pergi apply nak belajar oversea. Sigh

January 12, 2011

Dental students Got Talent?

A video submission by my classmates for Dentistry / Dental Students Got Talent organized by Dental Protection Org. Half of the video was filmed in our very own dental school (dental lab and dental clinic)

Ok dah tatau nak cakap ape. Kthxbai

January 11, 2011

My first time in the operation room

Today, I've seen another side of dentistry that I haven't seen before. We have finally started our oral surgery rotation. I was supposed to be in Minor Oral Surgery Dept but since the consultant was away, I was sent to the operation room in Dental Outpatient Dept, Cork University Hospital.

It was quite a tiny room for surgery. At one time only 3 patients max can be there with 2 patients in the recovery room and 1 patient in the actual operation room. There were about 7-8 nurses, 1 oral surgeon, 1 assistant, 1 anesthetist (I think so) and us 3 students.

We were quite late because we had briefing since this is our first day of rotation. Rotation for Mondays only la. Every other day we are doing our normal jobs, at labs or restorative clinic. One of my classmate was there already scrubbed in for the first case. Wisdom teeth removal. Me and my other classmate were given instructions by the nurse on how to scrub in and stuff so I didn't get to see much on the first case.

The second case was a guy, of same age with me (because he has tattoo on his neck : Est 1987) who had mandible fracture. His X-ray looked something like this :

I didn't mean to scare you with my hideous sketching but it was something like that la. Classic presentation of mandible fracture, one at body, one at the angle. He could barely open his mouth and he didn't remember how he got into this. My guess would be he was drunk and got into fight. Wah kau suke-suke tuduh orang kan.

Prof S went on and did plating on those 2 broken parts. To screw in the plate they had to drill the jaw bone. Dahlah ni first time saya tengok benda-benda camni nasib tak pitam. Memang pretty much like you drilling the wall, put in the nail to hang stuff on you wall tu. Kalau macam ni Su'ud (the Indo guy who did my house renovation and who helped Mak with all this plumbing/construction/eletrical stuff) pun boleh jadi surgeon. LOL.

For the 3rd case it was my turn to scrub in finally. This poor lady needed external drainage for his abscess. She came in with the dressing on so we didn't really get the idea how bad it was initially.

When the anesthetist was in the middle of making her unconscious, blood and pus started to drip in from the dressing. He couldn't intubate her so he had to hold the mask on her to make sure she stayed unconscious. When they finally open the dressing, Astaghfirullahalazim, pus and blood came out like nobody's business. Just a little pinch needed to push out the pus and blood. There were 3 sinuses. One of the sinus was initially a big green bulge (about a size of 50cent, maybe bigger) that popped out pus and blood when they poke it. The smell was unreal. All the nurses gathered around the patient in awe. Me? Takyah cerita la I had to calm myself pretend I'm okay padahal kaki dah ringan je nak pengsan. Haha..

Prof S extracted her lower right molar that caused all the problem. It was grossly carious and a simple early precaution by taking it out could have solved it. Can you imagine how a tiny tooth could be that life-threatening?

After a few pack of gauze later, prof S finally put something like a tube into the sinus, stitched it and dressed the wound. He said yes, there would be scars on her face but they are gonna heal up well.

Illustration of the pus and blood.

All in all I'm starting to love this rotation. I'll be here for another 2 Mondays so I hope I'm gonna see more fun stuff. Barulah boleh cakap kat orang dentistry isn't all about main korek gigi orang ok! Heheh..

January 07, 2011

Winter Holiday at home - a sum up

I am too lazy to write a post nowadays I don't know why..maybe because ada twitter so all my thoughts were channeled instantly. heh..

As I've told before, this is my first winter holiday that I spent at home. It was well-planned from summer and I've saved up money to buy the ticket since last April. It was short and sweet two weeks. Mainly because my partner in crime is back from New Zealand for her holiday. I haven't seen her since Summer '09. God knows when is the next time I'm seeing her. December 2012? Or...Summer 2011? Well..we'll see.

Okay to sum up :
  • The holiday is just perfect because I got to see my big family as well as my friends.
  • Got to eat almost a lot of things that I've been craving.
  • Watched 3 movies, Tron, Ngangkung and Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah. Am I a true Malaysian or whaatttt.
  • Went to Penang for a short holiday with my girlfriends.
  • Had photoshoot with my girlfriends at Taman Layang-layang, Kepong.
  • Went to karaoke with my girls
  • Met up with my Ultras 04
  • Went to play badminton
Ultras 04 at William's

Makcik pakcik kesayangan saya

muka busuk lepas main badmintaon

at Penang

Post photoshoot

Partner in crime

Mi cousins
sebab hijack laptop kak Jiah jadi letak gambar tak comel. haha

Kak Jaja's engagement

Suruh diorg rapat-rapat sebab taknak nampak besar sangat. Jking siap semangat tolong tutupkan T__T

Mi amor

All in all it was a really really good holiday. Worth the hassle and worth the money spent. Eventhough I've been through a lot of shit before I finally reached Cork, I could still remain calm. Semua sebab my holidays is so enjoyable!

January 04, 2011

My unexpected trip in New Delhi, India FLY ME BACK TO CORK PLEASE

Hmmmmm kay. Nak update blog ke takmau. Given the situation I'm in right now banyak perkara boleh diblogkan. Alright where do I start?

So I was supposed to go back last Sunday. 11.45pm the gulprens and the boyprens made a surprise visit by sending me at KLIA. I was so delighted coz well, goodbye is never easy. By having a few people sending me away, it makes goodbye easier, lighter. Honestly everytime I go back, I wish my friends and family could send me. Tapi having mak is a must la. If she's not there lagi lah tak boleh balik.

wajah kesayangan hamba, thanks for taking the trouble to send me :')

This is my first time on KLM flight and what I can say is...the flight sucks. Maybe because I was on Boeing 777. Ugly chairs, very uncomfortable, screwed up flight entertainment. I'm biased to Malaysian Airlines kot. BEfore we departed the flight looked like there was something wrong la. They turn on and off the engine I thought it was normal.

Four and a half hours later, the captain made an announcement there was a problem with the motor, and assured it was under control. I was half asleep so I didn't think much about it. Twenty minutes later, the captain came again and said they we we had to land at New Delhi and that one of the engine has failed. At that time I was so confused and blur but started to think of bad things dah. Have I told you all I learned how to swim because I'm afraid if my plane crashed into a sea? Weird, I know right..

Fortunately the plane landed safely, on New Delhi's airport. Although it kinda parked weirdly in the middle of the landasan. We waited for like 1.5hours before we finally could get out of the plane. Since we don't have Visa, we had to give up our passports at the immigration so I actually don't have my passport with me now.

We had to collect our checked in luggage and after a while, much to my disappointment my luggage was badly damaged. Like it couldn't even stand up on its own. Dahlah flight jadi camni, luggage jadi camtu den tatahu nak kata apa dah. Tapi tulah, since I just left home, happily I'm pretty okay handling my emotions so I did not cry. I just..hmmm frustrated? I used shawls to hold my luggage together to bring it to the hotel.

the damaged luggage

They sent us to the hotel with a bus, a bus that will make you feel that you are, indeed in India. Checked in the hotel and dragged in my luggage to the hotel room. It was 6.30am New Delhi time when we finally got into our rooms. I opened the bag to find out a lot of things were damaged. Even my medicine. Itu pun still tak terasa nak nangis ke ape I calmly wash things that could be saved.
the bus

That morning I had to go out to buy a new luggage and boy oh boy this is place is indeed not as pleasant as any other country I've been. Even the shopping malls looked dodgy. That was one of the scariest experience I had. Bought a new, much smaller luggage coz oh well, takde apa sangat pun boleh disumbat dalam tu lagi.

So since then I've been sitting in the hotel room, online. At times, there will be power cut off in this hotel. Lunch, dinner and breakfast are provided by the hotel so at that time I will eat together with 2-3 Malaysians I met here. Berapa kali dah asyik makan kari ketiak pun dah bau kari. LOL.

my breakfast this 2 days, paratha and aloo gobi.

the hotel is surrounded by constructions. dodgy modgyy

the pool

Right now right here, I'm starting to lose my mind already. Patutnya fly this morning (11am, 4th Jan) but they delay us again. The hotel staff told us the next time they were given is at 1am, 5th Jan. I've never wanted to go back to Cork this much. I need to attend classes. I need to treat my patients. I need to get outta this place as soon as possible before I lose my marbles.

People, pray for me please?