January 31, 2006

sayangi kuala lumpur

crash..that was u n started out innocently.shattered on the ground.i hear the sound

one more day to be njoyed wisely (= ehehe..did i use it wisely??..urm..lemme think. i spent half of d day in my dreamland.ngehehehe.i've tried my best to complete my ass-ignments but UNFORTUNATELY there r lots n lots more to go...haihhh..

crash..ringin in my ears.i still feel sting in my ears

i went to summit today.ALONE.yeap all alone..just wanted to buy sumthing for sumone. usj summit is monoplied by the chinese so most of the shops havent opened yet.
didnt buy anything much at summit...bought new book! "everyone worth knowing" n bought my highly-anticipated ice blended 1st i was thinkin of starbucks but naaa..i've to save my money for d girls day out so i changed my way to kyros..ngehehehe..

sumone,save me.i cant seem to break free

planned to buy new cloth for this comin saturday.i've been wearing the same outfit for a few times.but...tsk's not a good time for new clothes...i've to stabilised my current trips..all those "events" left a BIG impact on me so i've to get back on d right track.wani's planning to play bowling so i've to think of sumthing suitable this saturday..isk..think think think.. oh my..i must get things back to moi~

go on get out my head.i'm on the wrong side of the parallel i alive or just dead.i'm sumthin in d dark.livin in a crash world.

i really have to work on my short-term memory..caisshh..hardly remember where did i put my car.. *sigh* i thought i've parked d car at a strategic-n-easy-to-find place but still..i'm totally suck in remembering those tiny winy thingy.luckily there were no bad ppl around there.or else..dunno wut wud happen to me.i've spent almost 10mins walking to n fro searchin for my dearie satria..tsk tsk..

hush.dun say 1 this point the truth seems absurd.but who we gone 4ever.

i've watched bulletin utama just now.tomorrow is the hari wilayah.yeap i was borned in kl n that makes me eligible to celebrate it~,xtended holiday for me puhleasee~ hehe..i lived in kl for about 4 yrs bfore i moved to shah d age of 13,i furthered my study in my lovely science slangor secondary skool,which happens to be in kl'll give my full support to this yr's theme - sayangi kuala lumpur~ KL is defined differently by dissimilar ppl.kl residence wud think kl is heavenly paradise.but to non-residence of kl,they wud think kl is a sin-city wit full of's a subjective matter to be discussed so it's up to every1~

crushed.underneath the fears.everything is so weird n twisted.

rite now i'm watchin worlds apart at's an interesting reality programme where 1 family from modern-world will b separated from their daily routine n will be thrashed into an isolated world of the tribal's quite interesting as we'll be exposed to the tribal community n how they live their they survive.n stuffs like's all about adapting urself to the community.sum of them survived.sum of them njoyed their trip.sum of them oso brokedown.ngehehehe..

crash world,yeah..

thoughts of d day
1. saw him today..haha..kami bertembung ketika membuka gate *pura-pura control cun* wakakaka
2. oh wait wait..i've almost forgot.i dun like his hairstyle!
3. i need kanye west for the new work out plans...ngehehehe
4. berusaha berusaha bertahan bertahan
5. cant wait for this saturday..our girls day out...i'm so gonna njoy d day.hopefully i can get my ass out from kmb.. *finger-crossed*
6. i've just spilled the bean out to fadzrul.ceh..apo kono eh den crito my dendam kesumat to him...haihhhh..
7. motivate me...i wanna get myself out of tis bed..captivate me...i want good things inside of my head

tired tired tired

yello wello..finally i'm back at home.wee..i feel gooOoOood..the trip to the eastcoast was a bittersweet was tiring but it i felt so happy to be wit my biggy wiggy u all so much muah muah..~

saturday, jan 28
maybe my love for cikpi is so very strong that i managed to got up at 3.15am. *sigh* i took my bath n prepared my things..we shot off from home at about 4.15 where mak pah n mak tip has waited for us for about 1 hour..aiseyh..we misheard the plan.actually it's 4am at tol gombak but we heard 4am from home..sori la makcik2 n pakcik2..hehe..we waited for cik wa for about 5mins n we shot off to klate..UNFORTUNATELY,i left one of my bags at camera,homework *waaa...*,n toilettries were inside that bag.i felt damn sad wit myself that i decided to sleep thruout the trip..hehe..we stopped by at i-dunno-where-but-it's-in-pahang masjid for subuh prayer.then we proceeded wit our journey.again,we stopped by at gua musang for breakfast.perghh...after about 4-5 hours we didnt stop.after struggling to find "a restaurant that sells roti canai", as usual we troubled the tokey kedai wit our hustle bustle bising-ness.the tokey kedai was a bit kalut.haha..chill mek chill..
the traffic at kb was a bit busy.after zohor prayer at masjid ketereh,we stopped by at masjid telipot to wait for mak semah.pity cik wa his honda-apetah's aircond broke down.uncle dib(mak semah's hubby) invited us to her mother's house.after had our lunch at uncle dib's house we went to the bungalow that cikpi has was quite big.enuff to shelter our biggy wiggy was so perfect except that there were no fans at all at the downstairs n there was no tV!!!!!.so we had to make a comfortable space to sleep at upstairs.mak,maktip n makpah's enthusiasm of shopping was so high that right after they put their bags they went to kb town.hehe..i followed them too..we went to mpkb lama n baru?? n the i-dunno-wut market.
we had our dinner at the stall in front of our bungalow.everybody were too tired to go anywhere,but not me!! hehe..i followed cikpi n cikdin to pick up mak limah at airport n we went to wakaf che yeh for another shopping session..hehehe

sunday,jan 29
i was a bit tired coz i slept quite late the nite b4.mak limah woke me up for breakfast.i was a bit dissapointed coz i wanted nasi dagang..hehehe..but i'm cool wit anything around 11,3 black waja (cikpi,mak pah,mak tip) 1 gold waja (me), 1 perdana (mak semah),1 merc (uncle halimi) convoyed to besut,ganu.luckily uncle halimi brought a local residential so we didnt get lost,tho that guy has took a longer route,according to my bro.the weather in klate n ganu was always hot shiny day .we arrived at cikpi's fiancee house n proceeded wit the agenda.uncle halimi opened the majlis n uncle dib did all the was simple n nice.this is one of the malay culture that is still strong n i'm very proud bcoz my family upholds this culture till now.after about 1 hour the event ended n we were invited for a makan2.the dishes was yummy favourite aye percik klate was there.yummmmyyyy~
we went back to kb.cik wa has decided to join us to stay in the bungalow so a lil re-arrangement need to be done.again,that evening we went to siti khadijah market n mpkb for shopping~~ i coincidently met ila n anis at erks..i dunno where..haha..
uncle dib's family held a small feast for us at her sister's home.the home was quite big n nice n tidy.we were so ashamed coz compared to our kapal-karam kampung, her house is waayyyyy more tidier n nicer.but still, i love my kapal-karam-kampung more than other places~ the nasi kerabu was delicious~ after the event,i went to wakaf che yeh (again?) wit mak pah,uncle mazlan,ain,maktip,uncle kamal n bro.i bought a trackbottom n brooch.all of us were so tired so we didnt buy anything much.

monday,jan 30
mak tip n mak pah n cikwa n their family went out earlier coz they planned to do the super duper shopping today.the targets were rantau panjang n pengkalan kubor.on the other hand,me,mom,bro,cikman,cikpi,cik udin n mak limah went out a bit late coz we r going back today.we went to rantau pjg n the traffic was damn bz.the hot shiny day has cutdown our enthusiasm to shop n we dropped at the middle of the day.i didnt buy anything much.*mood swingers* eh n guess wut,i met abg cumeils (the guy where ila n me usha2 at kmb) at rantau panjang! hahaha..after we went to rantau pjg, we proceeded wit our journey back to slangor thru the grik-jeli hiway..
the hiway was so scarry eerie spooky that my mom has decided that we need to get the hell out of this place b4 dark (sounds like zaman dolu-dolu lak) there were scarry reminder such as "AWAS TANAH RUNTOH" "AWAS GAJAH MELINTAS" n yeap, after we reviewed the reminders,we agreed that we have followed the old hiway,not the new one.eeeee...ngeri seyh..we were a bit lost at gerik.we had difficulties to reach kuala kangsar bcoz none of us know exactly the route.cikdin's fwen gave a wrong direction n we went around the same place twice!'s lenggong-sauk-lenggong-sauk n finally we were on the right track~ we stopped by at tapah r&r n after that, went separately as cikpi has to send mak limah to kajang.
n now here i am typing out my blog~

it was a freakin tiring trip but it was a nice journey tho.i've been missing this such of family trip n i'm looking forward for more n more trips after helps me to ease the burden in my mind~

thoughts of d day
1.oh my.i'm at home n that's mean i've to finish my homework~
2.i want to hangout wit my fwen but...isk..homework...
3.wish-shopping-list :
--> sneakers
--> silver necklace wit N n Z alphabet on it *wink*
--> new cropped-cardigans.
--> new clothes~ money moneyyy~
5.does doraemon exist n if he does can he make my wish-shopping-list came true??
6.get a life!

January 27, 2006

the day the hope went away..

hella fella freakin day..go go n walk away~

oh wee..finally i'm back in my home.thanx to wani i managed to settle all those tasks.ngehehe..i was like super duper woman today.i woke up damn early!!i got up at 5am to send my laundry.the day wasnt really bad as i've xpected.the saying "the more the merrier" doesnt really apply to all situation n condition.ngehngehngeh.our math teachers are so dedicated that they still teach tho there were only 7 of us.but i did enjoy the class tho pn bad gave a hard time to my brain but it was a nice training tho..

wani picked me n madihah at mcb.thanx a lot wani.i owe u a lot!sent us to putra asia jaya.then we went to the was damn freakin hard to get taxi in kl!after i sent madihah to the embassy,i went back to asia jaya.wani has waited for me.huhuhuh..sowi sowi.blame the taxi driver.he misheard me.i said AMPANG PARK n he drove me to AMPANG POINT.D'uh..

well well seems that our shine of hope is fading away.i knew sum of us wud be damn sad.especially those who have worked very hard.but i know most of us wud say "hah..tula..cite-cite tinggi sangat.kalau susah sangat takyah buat la!dang dang dang.oh my.i hope Allah give us strength to make it thru the rain.bertahan..bertahan..bertahan..

thoughts of the day
1.i've to be very strong n to put on my smile almost everyday
2.(= (= (= to ganu's 4am in the morning.d'uh is buying (or is it has bought?) me a new car!my satria is going to be in my atok's's a wira.either a maroon or black one.i wanted an auto want.that wud be much easier but then,it wud be costly (maintenance..petrol..etc etc..) up to u la mommy.u decide the best~
6.sori syahir..cant make it la..have a safe journey.all the besh..da~

January 26, 2006

oh my..

oh my..i've sworn too much today.maybe it's because the hectic-ness.maybe it's because the pressure.maybe it's because..err wutever.. a news that my fwen is goin to aussie,monash specifically to further his study n medicine.caisshh...he's going on saturday n i cant send him...i'll be in ganu at that time..

totally not in the mood today but i've to talk to sumone or sumthing to ease the body is mind is not focusing.i felt like breaking down but i've to be strong...bertahan bertahan bertahan


i've waited for the sun..but it's raining.would there ever be chance? would there be another hurting?

i've felt into the deepest trap..wud there ever be any help.shud i wait for death slowly or shud i scream loudly?


well..again n hell of super hectic n feverish n freakin bz week in my life. it's all about the makkah trip n unfortunately out of 20 there are only 9-10 of us are putting our effort to work on this trip.n the f*ckin rest just spending their time nicely..have a nice sleep.

many many many many things need to be done this week.we've got problem in flight fare.the cost is way too high n we cant afford we have to browse thru in almost every airlines in this world just to find an affordable rate.then we did try our luck in travel agencies.i thought mom's fren could help us but unfortunately, it turned out to be worst! pity madihah she had to hear all the f*ckin things from mr isa's colleague.oh c'mon.yeap we havent experienced any holiday abroad.yeap we r naive n we hardly knew anything..

i am f*ckin dissapointed wit most of my classmates.they prefer to watch us suffer rather than help us.damn u all of them have done wit their work n can smile n we have to torture ourselves. if i had the chance to do anything to them,i'll punch them hardly until they lose their teeth.sum of them do have sumthing to help us.minor minor would be so helpful.sum contact number would be f*ckin helpful, seriously. but there they go...keep on living their heartless life.bangun awal makan sedap2.tido awal keje smua siap.f*ck f*ck f*ck

i've xperienced new things in my life this week.i did direct selling..haha..go from room to room..selling our jersey.bikin muka i know how hard to be a direct see annoying ppl's face.excited face.but it's an interesting experience.despite the tired-ness the lapar-ness the ngantuk-ness n the bengang-ness of seeing f*ckin faces.arghh...ya Allah..beri aku kekuatan.beri aku kesabaran.smoga apa yg aku lalui ni...jadi pengalaman berguna dalam hidup aku..
hehe..we r the jersey girlsssss~

this week i've really developed great patience.more n more things need to be settled.more n more commitment need to be given.oh i was the project manager in taska sygku.i thank Allah for making my life easier...the lil children r so obedient n almost well-behaved...kakak nad..shaaaayaanggg adik2 raeida even praised me of handling them nicely.i was even selected as the role model.*pfft*. yesterday was a freakin busssyyyyyyyyyyyy day.after finish taska sygku at 1.30, 3.30 i rushed to lrc.i had a nap for only 30 mins.i thought of not going to the lrc but i have to be committed n i forced myself to go.then 5.30 i went to the netball training.after netball, i had to translate the proposal.after finishing the proposal i proceeded wit our direct selling activity.n there goes my day.without even doing any work.i've betrayed myself.i've promised to change this new sem.tsk tsk tsk

ya Allah.give us hope.give us strength.n most of all give us success.. =(

January 22, 2006

oh my..i'm wasting my time again n again.seriously i'm not in mood for anything.y eh??

i was assigned by farid to prepare the tentative part in our nabila n syahir.erm..seriously there are sum ppl who r not really interested (esp those who hv financial probs) in this trip.or actually they r not interested in doing the behind-the-scene work (lumrah manusia) n just wanna enjoy the trip.sheeessshh..there r only 20 of us so obviously each of us plays a big role in any parts of this trip,ncluding njoyin it.n i dun have any better option but to work on the proposal by myself.i dun have the skill of persuading ppl to help me to do sumthing here i am,hitting alphabets by alphabets on my laptop.trying to turn my mood on.he even told me to include malaysian culture la bla bla bla..

i didnt go to dbp today.haih..bler la nak gi week we r going to ganu for cikpi's engagement n we r departing at 4am.ble lagi nak pi cari bahan ni..argh argh argh.P R E S S U R E.

knock knock knockin on heaven's door..~

thoughts of the day more week to survive!

he was once..

he was once..
who walked me back
stayed wit me until i'm done
who switched off the lights
waited for me until i went out

he was once..
who will stay late at nite
kept on texting me
who will tell me wherever he is,wut he's doin
filled up my dull life

he was once..
who kept on layaning my kerenah
who kept on lending his ears
to my ridiculous words

he was once..
who made my life happier
gave me reason to smile
who made me felt proud
for holding his secret

but now

he is now..
the one whom i hate most
the one who makes me feel bad bout myself
the one who shuts down my perspective on hopes
the one who makes my heart ache

i hate u
forever will i do
i aint spare any space for u
love? say no,forever i shall be
fwens? it's a history!

out..out from my life
out..out from my mind

n mark my words..forever ever n ever ever

January 21, 2006

catatan seorang budak skolah yg terpaksa memenuhi kriteria yg macam-macam dan demi mendapatkan diploma ib *sigh*

the busy-ness of the life of an ib student has struck me i hate this kind of the schedule went on n on as usual.even so..there r quite a number of unexpected events n decisions occured tis week.

my search for CAS hours continues..i've to give more commitment n b profesional,especially for the netball club!unfortunately, i've to face that b*tch during our training..sheesshhh..luckily nothing much happened during our training.she guarded me once, but thanx to Allah for pouring the rain so we had to stop our training earlier..

the LRC club is putting more n more efforts in maximising our CAS hours.more n more activities being planned but only time will tell whether it's just a planning or a dream come true *sigh*..i really hope that i'll complete that 180 hours within this sem..maleh gue mau struggle time sem3 that time i've to struggle for my EE n TOK essay..bla bla bla..adehla..

ouh yeah..this is seriously an interesting plan.for the amal islami,we r to organise n to participate an activity which is fully-planned among ourselves.utzh gave us an amazing idea...going to MEKAH!!!...i was like wHaT>!>!>!?!?! mekah???...giler teruja coz i've really missed mekah so much.i went there once in 96 n i was too young to menghayati yet i was amazed with the superb of my classmate is really excited n i bet he wud gone mad if we failed to accomplish this mission.i was excited too..but still,financial prob has restricted sum of my classmates from going.but we've promised to make it find sell anthing..just to raise funds..ya Allah, andai kau izinkan kami menjadi tamu mu ditanah suci Mekah, maka permudahkanlah,ya Allah...

i went to alamanda tis morning for the kakak n abg playskool sayangku gath..ngehehe..i went to kmb 1st to pick up my fwens n guess wut??..we got lost!!! haha..we made an effort by asking a pacik taxi:

fin : pakcik, macamana nak gi alamanda?
uncle taxi : oh..u go straight..sampai ade bangunan justice manyak cantekkk..then u belok kire..ade roundabout u belok kiri lagi.or u can follow me behind la..i'm going there
so we decided to follow the taxi n he has a passenger,a tourist most probably so we have to stopby a few times coz d tourist wanted to take photos..then..
me : eh mane pacik taxi tuh
nana : eh tu la..tu..dier berenti
*opened the window*
uncle taxi : ok u go straight..situ ada tangga..u turun bawah ade restaurant..ade bot ,u bley naik,jalan2.u can park the car here
sarah : bengong nye uncle
huhuhu..the uncle misunderstood us.luckily i called jelot so just proceed wit our journey to find precint 16(lpas dah call jelot baru tau alamanda precint 16..hehe) me,fin sarah n nana wore baju kurung so we didnt join them in, we decided to be d pompom girls *pfftt*
after i sent them back to KMB, i went straight to my house..25 mins je! *pfft*..then i went to jj klang wit my mom coz she has an rm50 voucher in jj n she wanted to use it..jln nye borink je jj so spent the voucher on groceries..hahaha..tahpapetah

argh...the assignments r waiting for me..oh no no..kami budak kolej(konon)/sekolah mara banting perlu membuat kerja rumah..kerana kami adalah budak skolah..but i've promised myself that i wont typing my blog until i've done wit the work so here i am!! uhuhuhu..actually i havent done wit my work yet but the math exercise is torturing me wit un-understandable questions so i've to have refreshment-by releasing wut's burdening me thru my bloggy..

thoughts of the day
1.sneakers..i really want a sneakers..duit jpa dah before this i've wasted 400 for almost nothing! so i shud punish myself by not using that money..tkejut gak time check 500 rm je...simpan..simpan..bertahan..bertahan..i need that money for a real big shopping b4 i go to oversea *insyaALLAH*
2.ouh sijil simpanan premium tu abg kate cam takyah byk2..bleh tak cashkan sket n then....isk..sneakers..sneakers
3.nak mintak my mom??huhuh..i'm going to ask her rm2000 for our mekah trip so cam tak sampai ati jer nak mintak2 lg..
4.lalala...malehnya nak siapkan proposal trip to mekah tu.....
5.those math questions r torturing me...argghhhhhh!!!

re-first debut!

first debut heh?? ehehehe...juz trying sumthing me. yeap maybe i'm quite out-dated but still,better late than never!~ okayh...dun really have the mood to blog rite now..gonna catch ya up later...see u soon (yeap...vewwy soon~)