February 23, 2008

Ireland 20 - Scotland 15

my dad mid line, most right

It has been soOoOo long since the last rugby match I've watched. I happened to watch AIB's International Cup league on tv when I was having my dinner just now. It was Eire playing against the Scotts and after long 82 mins, Eire won by 20-15. The last 10 minutes was such a nervewracking moment for Eire tho...the Scotts nearly got a try during the last few minutes..

And was it the hugging tee that the Scotts wore has given me some kind of perception that the Irish player are Moks moks (if u know what I mean..) or actually the Scotts are really tougher? I don't know...Maybe I should consider Scotland in my 5TahunMengexploreEurope Mission to answer my doubts =P

Yeah I just made that up 2 seconds ago.5TahunMengexploreEurope. Hopefully, within my 5 years (Amin. 5 years saje ok kite study. 5 years. Amin....5 more or less..5 years....studies...practicing here or Malaysia belakang kira. janji 5 years sajork studying here) studies in here I could explore at least 10 European countries. Doesn't really matter if its only a day trip or what. Up until now I've been to Spain, UK and Eire. Come Easter I'll be going to Amsterdam and Brussels for sure. And mom wanted to go to Swiss and France so that'll make 7 countries in total. Hopefully I'll be visiting Wawa in Germany and Ila & CheNad in Czech by the end of this year. One more country to go and my 5TahunMengexploreEurope mission is done already.
Haha..apekah sangat? Gelojoh serta haloba sungguh!

So much for the travelling thoughts. Tak sedar diri sungguh there are so many things that are demanding my attention! Lab reports! Orals! Bla bla bla...

By the way my legs ache so badly today. Our tutorial ended earlier so Mich,Jo Lin and I decided to go to town. Went to like, almost all sides of the town coz apparently Mich hasn't really explored the town to the most. By 1.50pm our legs are aching so badly and we still have to go to Cork Dental Hospital for our practical. We walked back to Castlewhite. Put our things and decided to take bus to hospital. We were too tired for another 3.5km walk. Mich approximated that we walk almost 50 km already that if she were to walk from Singapore, she might be reachin Malaysia already. LOL. We were late for the practical and had to do the practical at another lab but we have to walk to and fro to shine the composites with UV light. Another 10km. The balance of our energy were used optimally to walk back to Castlewhite. Jo Lin and I took our own-sweet-turtle-pace to Castlewhite. At that time I seriously felt like crying coz I was too tired!!

p/s : Ida, I bought Remember Me already. Jangan jelessssss :P As always, my post exam reward to myself.(even if I did badly. I deserve some reward for surviving the lonely days) I bought two books (Lesson in Heartbreak by Cathy Kelly and Remember Me by Sophie Kinesella) for €22. A very good deal indeed!! (Don't convert!!)
Up next after Anatomy continuous assessment in 20th March is Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. yeay!!


iDaz said...

benci tauuuuuuuuu nadz ni!
nak jugak buku tu.

tp kan,actually aku pon da beli buku tu,tp bukan utk diri sendri. org pesan belikan :p
tp aku baik ati,x baca apa2 pon sblm bagi buku tu kat pemesannya.
haha(ikutkan hati,nak je khatamkan dulu baca;p)
tp kang nmpk pulak kesan2 da baca kan.

naquiah said...

hello nadzirah.
im naquiah. u visited my fp tanye pasal geneva hotel kan? urm i dunno if this one is reasonable to you tapi slalunya kalau malaysian delegates datang meeting sini, they usually stay at royal manotel. im not sure about the rate tapi it's really strategic. one tram stop away from the train station n a coop's just across the road n dlm bilik hotel tu ada kitchenette so boleh la masak siket2. nways my email is if u wanna noe anything else, ok? :)