February 10, 2008

O my student card, where art thou???

I remembered the last time using it last Friday to access Mardyke.
Got back home at approx 8.30am. Had my breakfast. Showered. Rushed to O Connoly.

Then today, when I was preparing to go to Mardyke, I realised that MY STUDENT CARD IS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. I searched around. Removed my mattress. Went through my serabut study table. Tidied up my sofa. Digged up my coats' pocket.
Trying to stay calm, I went on to Mardyke with the hope that somebody found my student card and passed it to the counter.
Hopeless. Frustrated. Disappointed. But I was lucky enough when the girl has given me access to Mardyke despite my unfound student card. Too tired for a threadmill, I went to the bicycle instead.
Since my mind was focusing on where the heck did I put my student card, I went back home after 30 mins of cycling.

And up until now, I still couldn't find my student card. A denied access to Mardyke it's what bugging my mind most since I'm now on a full-geared mari-bersenam-di-Mardyke mode. Haih...why la they introduce this complicated student card and finger print system in Mardyke.

O Lord, please help me =(


Witty Angel said...

abis la...15euro boleh melayang pasni..hehehehe..

Lily.Lulu. said...

cari betol2 .. mesti ada terselit kat memana tuh ..

n Z r A said...

k.aina : hwaaa.....15eu bleh makan nasi goreng udang satu!!!

lily : huhu penat dah carik2 :(