February 29, 2008


I'm done with the hotel bookings, (finally! yeay!) It was so hard to find a good and at the same time reasonably price hotel. It's even harder when u read the customers' reviews. One of them can give 100% and totally root for the hotel while on the other hand one person is giving the hotel 46% and lousy comments.

After taking some matters into considerations, I've finally booked the hotels in Geneva, Zurich and Paris. Total of the cost, plus the air ticket from Bruxelles and Geneva and train tickets in Swiss and Paris nearly the same as my 2 months living expenses! Phew~

But come to think of it again, not that my mom is going to visit me every year. And I'm pretty sure mom wouldn't let me pay all the expenses myself. Haha..

I'm off to Dublin tomorrow (erks today actually). Kerja melambak tak siap and Exams coming up in 2 weeks still nak berjoli?

Alaaaaa...sekali niiii je..saye janji saye bawak bukuuuuuu...heee...

oh mata ku hampir tertutup rapat. ta~


Zairin said...

OMG nadzzz!!! u're going tu Zurich??? I've been there n it's so lawa ok... arrr nak pegi lagi..beli chocs byk2 tau..

13may said... best!!

beli tshirt selai kat aku...hehhe

mad redo1 said...

alangkah jelus yang amat sangat membaca orang dah set nak jenjalan... hari ni jugak rasa mau terbang ke sanak... hehehe...

Lily.Lulu. said...

bess nyooooooooo !!!!!
enjoy bebeh !!

n Z r A said...

zeren : penat laa makan chocs dah..heeee

13may : hal...hehe. blk msia nnt kena blanje makan aa tapii

mad redo1 : jgnlah jelusss....ade rezeki pasti sampai juaaaa

lily : enjjjooyy~