February 03, 2008

From AM to PM

Thanks to the bustling sound of the storm today, I woke up earlier than expected (Read EXPECTED=Weekend's expectation. Who would wake up & stay awake at 6am during weekend?)

During breakfast I had second thoughts on my plan today. Taking several things into consideration, I decided to make it during lunch instead of dinner.
Make what?

Hahahaha...saya rasa sungguh kejayaan besar sekali. I started from a 20 y-old girl who hardly knew how to cook a curry and now...saya rasa sedikit hebat (eish...riak riak..)

It started with my craving for ayam percik. Either Cik Imah's or Auntie Wan's their ayam percik are both superb! So I browsed through my Magic website of MYRESIPI.COM, and found the recipes.

Yesterday I went to town for the ingredient hunt. Spent about 30mins in Jia Jia (Asian Market) and 15mins in ZamZam (another Asian Market) to look out for the things. Erm...the things are kinda costly so I had to ask for other girls for some ingredients too..

I took about 5 hours to settle everything (Minus the preparation time for marinade-ing the chicken and cutting the veges and onions and garlic I did the nite b4). It was a long, tiring stand but the products are kinda sweat! =)

Kerisik + ikan and the kuah percik

Smokin sambal tumis and kuah percik

The biru-less nasi kerabu

The percik chicks in oven

And walla...the end product. Nasi kerabu + ayam percik + sambal tumis + sambal ikan + sayur. Sorry it doesn't look promising coz I was too nervous waiting for the response that I forgot to take a better picture.

As always, the white rats are my Castlewhites girls plus a special appearance by Shidot & Fendi. They are my tukang rasa and Alhamdulillah, it turned out quite well =D

Tapi serius sumpah penat. Pinggang rasa cam terpatah 9!


Witty Angel said...

saye nakkkkk jugak!!

n Z r A said... time okayhh? tunggu open house ktorang next year!

HUJANkeUK said...

ok baekkkk..sedia mnungguu

witty angel said...

alamak.silap post gune akaun lain.hahaha

The Pink Phoenix said... had successfully transformed me from the undomestic goddess to a Bree VanDeKamp/Hodges apprentice! ehehhe. senang kan? everything mcm jadi je ikut resipi kat situ.

n Z r A said...

itu la pasal! sangat senang. especially yg letak nama perantau2 hujung2 tuh. senang nak cari bahan.
now I know nape makcik2 kat mom's office suke fotostat/print resipi. hahaha..

z a r f said...

hahaha.xde kerabu ponnn! xley panggil nasik kerabu la.

Lily.Lulu. said...

saya nak itu ayam !!

n Z r A said...

sila2. ayam itu nnt saya post okayh :D