February 02, 2008

A walk to remember

p/s this IS NOT Cork.

Cork snowed today. I was on the way to O Connoly Building for my Biochem tutorial when it happened. It didn't last long but it was snowy enough to amaze one so-not-little-girl like me who never witnessed a real snow fall. I stood for few minutes to enjoy the drizzle. Since I am cameraphone-less at the moment, nothing I could do to capture the jakun moment. But I quickly texted my mom & girlfriends to share the oh-so-jakun news =D The drizzle lasted for roughly 12 mins I guess..

It's freezing cold outside. Luckily the one who shared room with me isn't here at the moment. Else she could open up her window widely (which I kept on close when she's not here) and freeze out this room. I have to admit eventho I've been in this 4 season country for almost 4 months, I still couldn't tolerate the COLDness. Those layerssss (notice the S) of adipose tissue (a.k.a. Fat Fat Fat) isn't functioning well as heat insulator. Such a waste of talent. Why oh why are you creeping inside me (and made me look horrible) when you can't even do simple heat storage job? Haha..emo tak pasal-pasal.

Albeit the cold weather, I still went out today. I have sOooOooo many things to buy. CNY stuff. My kitchen stuff. And some makan2 stuff. It was such a hard decision whether to go out or to stay in my comfy duvet. I checked Yahoo! Weather forecast for tomorrow's weather. Tomorrow is expected to be less cold than today so I made a sudden decision to go to Wilton Tesco to buy some of the things first. It'll be less colder in the mall rather than shopping in town.

I hopped on bus No.8 right after Asar prayer. Went to Penneys, Neulook, Lifestyle (and fell in love with this €23 sport shoes. waaaa nak beli!!!!!) and finally Tesco. The weird thing was, I felt like walking back home. So I did. Put on my iPod, and enjoyed my lonely walk. Such a nice moment. Despite having 2L milk + vegetables on my back and a handful of fattening food, I still reached home with a relieved feeling. Indescribable. And to make it better, it snowed again (so the very light one) when I'm about to reach Castlewhite...

Mom's ticket is confirmed. She'll be in Amsterdam by 3rd of April but I guess I'll be only meeting her up in Brussels. She'll be here until 16th of April. The sad thing is, I'm having my Dental Practice finals on 22nd April. Hopefully I managed to push myself to prepare earlier. *sigh*

p/s : aahh...there goes the closed window. Damn It's widely open again. *freezing* Nasib baekkkk balek bawak scone!

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