February 24, 2008

I think I'm better off myself

At my house. Apparently that is the expression I shown at most of my pics. And those two tanduks is from my bro. Heh.

Credit to Kak Murni for the pixies. Thanks!

Ceramah Palestin - Tak Kenal Maka Tak Cinta , done.
Make a satay goreng , done.

Swiss & France hotel reservation , undone.
Principles of Human Structure lab, undone.
Biochem lab, undone.
Post my customer's eBay book (yeap apparently I am being an eBay seller and my 1st book sold to an Italian girl at €7 when the actual cost of the book is €2. heh ), undone.
Housekeeping, undone.
Sorting out my notes, undone.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa.....mode bengong kembali..

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13may said...

pheewwiittt!!! pheewwiittt!!!