February 07, 2008

Happy 21st Birthday Wani!!!

Had I been there, I would drive all the way to celebrate your day.
You're my tissue, my crying shoulder, my laughter shareholder, my gossip girl, my secret keeper, my kaunter aduan, my driver, my fashion advisor.
Life without your company is a total boredom. I miss the days we go out early in the morning to jog. I miss the days we go out late nite for cinema. I miss the megi goreng mamak n roti planta I shared with you. I miss your mi tomyam/nasi goreng CILI LEBIH/PEDAS SIKIT. I miss our crazy plans. I miss our rubbish talks.

*I've lost words*

Officially 21 years old babe. So where's next stop? Zouk? Orange? hehehehhee....
Wherever it is, pls hold until 3rd of June, okay?

Happy birthday. May Allah bless you.

To all my girlfriends, gw kangen banget sama loe smuaaaaa!!!

Stay there. Stay where? Stay under my umbrella ella eh eh...


U know u love me,
ur Gossip Girl

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Lily.Lulu. said...

happy birthday wani !!