February 10, 2008

Unexplained Satisfactions.

peraduan teka baju sape paling menyerlah =P *peace*

I woke up at 5, knowing that this day is gonna be a lonngggggg day. I decided to take a deeeep breath to face this long day before waking up, and when I re-opened my eyes it was 8.30am already. It was such a deep breath indeed =P. Showered. Texted Mihah. Had a speed breakfast (style makan tercekik). Went out from home. Took a bus and bought an all day trip that costed me €4. Walked up the hill for my very first time.

After few minutes of standing outside the leisureplex (kah? terlupa la..) we finally started the game. I was teamed up with Shazep, Kak Seha and Lutfi. My first game was a total disaster. To make it worst, the winning team (Fred, Nik, Izad, Shahid. sniff sniff I smelled an arranged conspiracy in this team =P) was just beside our lane. Their score was way above 300 when ours were not even 300. 2nd game was better, but not good enough to beat the guys, of course. I had one strike and 2 spares, so I guess it was kinda good enough for me..hehe..

Approx at 12.40 the game ended. I was kinda worried coz my 2nd commitment are waiting for me at Maxol. heee...At first me and the Castlewhite princes (princes kah? macam tak jee...) planned to dine in Maharaja/Indian Moon/Istanbul. But come to think of my awaiting commitments, I decided to go back home despite the keroncong empty stomach.

Me, nida and 23 paperbags consisted of Orange,bottled water & some snacks hopped on bus no.8 to Maxol. Praised be to Allah coz we didn't waited too long before the bus arrived, since we were already half an hour late. I didn't even had a proper lunch. Just egg sandwich to make sure I have energy for my marathon. Arrived Maxol. Helped with the envelopes and papers. Briefed by Mr.Pres. Approx at half 3, we departed from Maxol and had our first bus chasing = bus no 8 to our first Kampung Raudhah aka Halldene. Pity our neneks,as they were sleeping when we arrived. As always, me n Nida have issue with Mr Unattended Doggy. We played hide & seek in front of Kg Raudhah's doorstep before Nek Fatim opened the door =D

After a plateful of Keropok and several cups of Earl Grey tea , we left Kg Raudhah for Kampung Jannah aka Charnwood. Due to the not-so-far distance, me & Nida decided to walk after several minutes of bus-less waiting. Few mins later, we saw the head of the bus, and again, run n run n run for the bus. Hey, we bought an all day ticket so it wud be such a waste not to use them to the max! Our arrival to Kg Jannah were warmly welcome by our Neneks. Thanks Neneks2!

Our journey was kinda "blessed" when the luck was always by our side. Soon after we reached Texaco nearby Kg Jannah, we saw bus No.8, and again, lari lari lari to the bus. We had so much lari lari scene today. We stopped buy at Tesco to buy some things and walked to our 3rd pitstop, the much adored Carriglea. From Carriglea, we decided to walk back home to burn the calories gained from the Keropoks, cekodoks, biscuits & chocs we had.

Alhamdulillah, our Mission Gerakan Komiti was accomplished, successfully, I would say. When Mr Pres said Hari Gerakan Komiti, never would I imagined, it literally means, Hari Komiti bergerak-gerak (or berlari2). We went from house to house with the mission of collecting our member's information and in the same time, to share some infos on our activities, as well as raising fund for the Cork Mosque. We, as in the PPMC comittee members. It was tiring. Agreed. I didn't even touch my books today. Super Agreed. But I was happily satisfied with what I did today. Super duper agreed. From the bowling (eventho I scored an average of LONGKANGs) to lari-lari chasing the bus, it was worth the energy, I guess.

OK. Memperkenalkan, my current favourite - Spaghetti Kungfu. Neneks2 ku di Jannah atau Raudhah atau dimana saja anda berada silalah terliur dan cubalah masak di rumah ok. Hehehehehhe..


Lily.Lulu. said...

woww .. banyak betol xtvt tuh .. lari ke sana .. lari ke sini .. naik bas sane sinun .. hehehehe ..

x pe .. exercise sekali sekala

Witty Angel said...

ok2 macam kenal je org berbaju orange itu..owh sungguh berdouble2 chin budak itu ye?siapakah itu>?hahahahaha

n Z r A said...

lily : btol3....meriah skali berlari berlarun...huhuhuhu

k.aina : erms...sape eh..mesti yg pemenang 2nd place tu! awhh...power gler~~

adilah best gilerr... said...

nak gak spagetti kongfu tu...

adilah best gilerr... said...

nak gak spagetti kongfu tu...