February 22, 2008

Writer's block (la sangat...)

Well, I guess this time around, my post exam syndrome is kinda passive, but I can assure u the ASSessment went excruciatingly painful. I don't expect those tiny weeny little bits super detailed and specific things would come out, like those N-acetylmuramic acid, weird alpha and beta glucose linkage yada yada bla bla bla...It was like the, most painful 60 minutes (48 minutes actually. I had to give them up earlier before my brain explodes) brain torturing session I ever had. U were forced to squeeze out your brain juice or any cerebrospinal fluid u have there.

But I'm glad I had those mnemonic and the amino acid interactive game Dr.KD put up was so helpful. Hadn't been them I would lose the lovely +1 marks and it'll cost me another -0.5 marks. The thing is...we just had Biochem this semester. The lecturer was in rush is one thing. And the syllabus being complicated is another. We had the nucleic acid lecture in the last 10 minutes of our lecture!!

And with the International Cultural Week went on the very same day I had the test, it just made it even more painful. It's a legacy for our batch. Even if we did, delegated some tasks to the 2nd years, we are still the main player. And to not being able to stay with them thru the hard times, I felt so bad. That's the gist of working in team. U see some ppl's reaching their boiling temperature. U see some faces turning green. U see ppl's sacrificing their sleeping time or even starved throughout the day. That's why I still showed up my face even the centre of my mind has been focusing on the Biochem test. HOWEVER with the few minutes appearance I made on the two days event, I still could feel the tension though =P
But my presence wasn't worth it pun. I know they would nail the event even without my presence. It was proven pun. And to see their pictures together, it just made me a bit sad...I feel so left out.
It's better for me not to see the pictures or I might go sorrowing again =)

And heyyyy Exam's timetable is out! Here goes :
  • 6 May => Physiology (wtf?!?!!?)
  • 8 May => Fundamental of Dental Practice
  • 12 May => Anatomical Basis of Dentistry
  • 13 May => Fundamental of Dental Practice (oral)
  • 16 May => Biochemistry
  • 19 May => Principles of Human Structure
o.O it ends at 19 May!!!!!!! I have 14 days before I go back...and I am seriously thinking of changing the flight tickets earlier....

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