February 27, 2008

Attracting Positive Aura

A part of my job scope involves wishing people on behalf of the organization. It may look simple and people couldn't be bother with this one lil text they received but to me, a good luck wish really meant a lot to me (=
Today I found myself in some difficulties when I was structuring words to make up a simple good luck text.

Warga PPMC mengucapkan SELAMAT MAJU JAYA dalam peperiksaan pada hari esok. Semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan.

It took me a lil while to convince myself that the above sentences are okay. They are correct, aren't they?
Ceh, where goes the perfect A I got from the Malay Extended Essay I did back in McB?

I'm glad I managed to flush away those negative thoughts out of my mind today. The epinephrine produced when I was working out in Mardyke was really doing me a favour. Should have hit the gym more often I guess. Right now I just don't want to be bothered. Yeah I messed up. But I've apologized. And the rest was up to those who are concerned. I am not interested in holding grudges upon anyone. The whole of my life has been wasted too much on keeping grudges on someone, and I am just too tired right now. So let's keep the environment clean and clear.

It's approx 96 days before I'm hitting Malaysia. Really can't wait!!!!!!!

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mad redo1 said...

96 days to go... but please not literally hitting malaysia, nanti ada yang balik ireland in stitches lak nanti... hehehe...