February 17, 2008

Tag lagi.

What do you miss the most?

What do you do if you meet the person you hate?
I'll try my best not to look at him/her

One item you really want?

A boyfren. bleh? hahaha. Chemi la ni pengaruh.

What do you do if you’re talking to a stupid person?
Depends on degree of stupidity. .If it's acceptable, I'll go with the flow. If not, I'll excuse myself..

Last book you read?
Last book - The Kite Runner. In progress - The Secret

The person you’re thinking of?

Last gossip you heard?
Che Mi. heehehe..

Last testimonial from?
Nadia Naz. 10 hari lagi nak 100 hari saya pulang ke Msia la..hee..

Last person to call u?
Michelle. Asking me whether I'm going to the gym or not. Huu...dah 2 hari tak gi gym :(

Last person u talked to, about what?
Chemi. About sooOOooOOOooo many things

Last 5 places you’ve visited today.
My room, toilet, Wany's room, Wany's kitchen, my kitchen.

Pathetic. I sticked at home all day long.

Last text message you received from..
Chemi. My Voip trial call ran out of time so I had to call it off.

Last cousins you’ve met?
Erm. Ain,Mira,Syuk,Aki,Ayin,Qila. Which is months months ago? Damn I miss them like crazzyyy

What did you do this weekend?
Read biochem. Read biochem. Called my mom. Cooked bubur, ayam kicap kari, stir fried vege. Called CheMi. Read biochem. Read biochem.

Last person who kissed you?

Last person who hugged you?
Last skali. My hsemate, Sarah.

Last person who pinched you?
Saya rasa Kak Nang. But that was months ago when we were in Spain. hee....

Last item you bought?
Behavioral Science book from

What is the reason you last cried?
Lampu tandas saya rosak. *hwaaa...* This is a sad weekend. I'm all alone. I'm afraid to go to toilet coz it's dark. I ran out of chicken in my stock and Usop didn't reply my text so I was left with no ayam to cook. I'm homesick.

What is your mood now?
Unstable. But more to a negative one.

Who did you meet 3 days ago?
3 days ago..was Wednesday? I met my classmates, lecturers, housemates, roomates..etc etc

3 items that are near you?
Principle of Biochemistry by Lehninger, Lippincott's Biochemistry Illustrated Review, telekung, prayer mat, pens, pencils, highlighter

Who is your hero?

What are your plans for next weekend?
I'm thinking of going somewhere out of Cork next weekend.Or maybe I'll be out doing some more fun stuff rather than sitting alone at home

Why are you filling this survey?
Ida. It's all about her and her friends. haha..

5 persons you are tagging?
They. Them. Their. Those. That.


Lily.Lulu. said...

oh nak bf yehh .. balik la msia .. saya carikan untuk kamu


n Z r A said...

heee...btul eh?
haha...sile sediakan sebuah boyfren by 3 jun okeh. 3 jun, 5 ptang saya sampai melesia.