January 15, 2008

Toothy smile for his mother. ngeh..comel jek..

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PEKAN: Johann Abraham Mohd Mustafa seems determined to make an impact with his birth.

First, his mother, Khairani Mat Sood, 38, was airlifted from a flood relief centre here to the Tengku Ampuan Afzan Hospital in Kuantan when she went into labour on Dec 24.

And now, Khairani has discovered that her 3.5kg baby who was born after 20 hours of labour has a unique feature -- a natal tooth on his lower gum.

"Many old people I've consulted said that it was a sign of good luck. Some also said that it was an indication that a prominent leader would come from this area," she said at her home in Taman Pelangkah here yesterday.

Johann is Khairani's sixth child.
Natal teeth or teeth present at birth are said to be rare and are found in one out of 3,000 newborns.


Well much as the sign of good luck brought by the lil baby, the tiny winy teeth needed to be removed. They can be harmful to the infant as it may cause irritant and trauma to the tongue and may also be uncomfortable for nursing mother..huhu...

Anyway, if they are not removed, this may also cause problem to the other teeth punye eruption. Overcrowding probs smua...and they also needed to be taken with full care. Sebab baby tak pandai gosok gigi, so mommy la kena buat..haa kan dah tambah kerja~ No..u don't have to, literally BRUSH the teeth. Just some gentle wipes wud do good, I guess..

Tp takpe, kalau baby ni ade probs with their teeth, KAYELAH DENTIST! ahaha..joking k, JOKING..

P/S : In the mid of the struggle to keep awake during my anatomy lecture, one of my classmate's phone rang a POLYPHONIC TONE. Yeay! Ade geng!!
And, Praise be to Allah, with some McGyver tools plus Dexter's mind, si putih is able to send out text msgs again...


DaRk AnGeL said...

ni lah my dentist to be yah?
thanks for dropping by.. but i guess you really need to extra show me the nicest way to see a dentist!
i still tak jmpa lagi dentist ni tau... plus the gigi still in pecah mode~

Lily.Lulu. said...

hehehe .. memang comey :)