January 18, 2008

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah

5.55 am : Si Putih woke me up. Opened my eyes....*5 meneeettt lagi*

6.02 am : Toughen up myself to wake up

6.05 am : *ketang ketung* purposedly in the kitchen to annoy my EXTERNAL hsemate. Haha..nasib tak goreng belacan ke ape. Fried an egg for sahur.*ketang ketung* basuh pinggan hempas pintu

6.37 am : Subuh prayer & ma'thurat

6.58 am : Couldn't even open my eyes. *5 menet 5 menet. 5 menetttttt jeeee...*

7.48 am : *5 menet* continued 50 minutes (oopss..) Went to shower.

7.58 am : Put on contact lens & those necessary facial product. heheh tu pun nak cite.

8.08 am : glanced thru my watch. laaaaa baru kul 8.08!! Switched on my laptop

8.15 am : switch off laptop. departed from my apartment.

8.28 am : reached Brookfield

8.33 am : Principles of Human Structure lecture started. KADAR MENGUAP - once in 10 seconds (seriously!!)

9.25 am : 1st lecture ended. Moved on to Windle Building for dissecting session. Pouring heavily and I was soakin wet!..but still failed to rejuvenate me

10.00 am : DR session started.

11.00 am : switch from prosection to dissection. Dissected neck. Yes!! Berjaya menjumpai ansa cervicalis yg tidak dijumpai oleh group lain. I am legend. heheh. Contact lens dried in the middle of the session. (tanda2 awal saya penat)

12.00 pm : Head started to feel heavy. Marched back to Castlewhite.

12.08 pm : Switch on laptop. Fuzah online! (she RARELY online)

12.18 pm : Head got heavier. Went to sleep.

2.00 pm : Woke up. OMG I have lectures at 2. Head still heavy. Asked Fuzah's opinion whether is it okay for me to skip lecture. I can't even open my eyes properly. Toughen up for Zohor prayer.

2.08 pm : I went to sleep AGAIN. Yes. I did it. T_T

3.48 pm : *Bangun terkejut* Asar prayer. Shoottt...I SERIOUSLY skipped my Biochem & Physio lecture. Texted Jo Lin (she's been calling and texting me but I don't know when did I switch si putih off)

4.18 pm : Checked up my lecture notes *rasa bersalah* & chatted with Fuzah & Zack. OMG the seller of the iPod video I bid in eBay emailed me. He's gonna sell it to me for USD110 (free shipping?!? should I..or should I not?!?!?!)

4.42 pm : Went to kitchen. Yes! Nobody's there. No mood for heavy food. Made a vegetable soup with garlic bread for my buka puasa.

5.18 pm : Went to Wany's room. Skype with Fuzah.

and the rest was history.....
skipping lectures is the last thing I wanna do but today my body got very mad and refused to stay awake.

aihh...super duper aihh...

serious rase badan cam org tak muda. bdak2 Castlewhite...Adilah, Alya, Wany, Mihah, Nida jom gi gym! Keje makaaannn je...hehehehhe

PHYSIOLOGY exam in 4 days I am seriously dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


adilah w.a.r said...

yeah!!! jom gi gym!!!!

cet!!! boleh plak skip lecture nak dekat xm, eh?...
xpe2...dimaafkan...penin kan???
tp INGAT!!!!
jgn bg sekor lg kucing mati!!!doseeeeee.........

n Z r A said...

yep pening.sedut formalin byk sgt kot
and by the way exam aku tak masuk pun bab lecture smalam.

Witty Angel said...

aha!nad ebay jaga2 sket2..kalau die email n nak jual bukan thru ebay, cam nak jual camtu jer jangan pecaye sangat la..dh 2 people i knw kene tipu..satu cam ur case..die nak beli handset n org tu offer cheaper price(the same ebayer) but bukan thru the bidding la and die agree sekali bayar lepas tu xdapat2..n sorang lagi beli komputer 375pounds/euro i cant really remember pastu computer berhati2 la yer..check die punyer feedback sume..sebab kalau beli bukan thru ebay xleh report if anything happens..

z a r f said...

hehe. ive seen this once before but it said



n Z r A said...

kak aina : thanks thanks

zarf : pfft. behave pleash! hahahaha...