January 26, 2008

They are here~

Kek batik Besday for Kak D. Gomenneh...kek batik je yg dan buat. I did this after my physiology class yesterday. Campaks campaks siap. But the writing was done by Coffee Italian Mascorpone Cheese okay. Jgn maen2!

Hehe..I've been haunting the Receptionist since 2 days ago..

This one I got today. All the way from Greece tau.

This one I got 2 days ago. From New Zealand.

Taraaa......Volleyball from Greece (it looked terpenyek on the 1st picture coz it was. I went to Mardyke Sports Arena to pump it) and Netter's Flash Cards from NZ.

Things from Melesia je tak sampai lagi. Haih.....

Today, to my surpriseeeeee the balance in my account was back to 4 digits again. Aaaaaahhh....lega skit. First I planned to go to Lidl, a supermarket which kind of far from my place but the price are reasonably low (aceh...camne tu dah reasonable low pula). But come to think of it again, aaa....duet dah masuk...ape salahnye ke town. Since my biochem tutorial is cancelled today, I had to drag my lazy ass to town. Blame the 5.51am false alarm for disturbing my last sleeping phase. I had to start all over again and ended up waking up late!

Went to Eason and wallaaaaa....THE SECRET is mine now! They are currently having sale in Eason so I got the book for €11.49 only! A good bargain, I must say. This book was about RM60++ when I was in MPH. Saw 7 Habit of Highly Effective Ppl but the price was €20.30 so naa...I'll look them up in eBay later.


mad redo1 said...

just wondering, why still using the white ball when internationally we are using the more colourful one?

though it should be the same when you are in the court... hehehe...

n Z r A said...

Speaking internationally..erks I dun really know..
But speaking financially, that's the best I could afford relative to the balance in my account at that time. heee... :D