January 21, 2008

Saya berusaha untuk tidak bengang

At first I wanted to hold myself from blogging until tomorrow. But since tomorrow should be a happy day for me hence a happy post it is.
But this is not a happy post. NOT AT ALL

I woke up at 3.38am to the voice of my EXTERNAL and internal housemates and some lads. They were SHOUTING, BANGING and SLAMMING DOORS. If it's 3.38PM I can still tolerate but it's 3.38AM u freakin ^&*(^%
So I comforted myself and continued my sleep

I woke up again at 4.23am feeling like somebody is shouting to my ears. (haih patut terus gi tahajud je kan dari marah2 camni T_T). And when I'm trying to sleep again I HEARD SOMEONE OPENED MY DOOR. And yes there was A GUY just a few steps from me. Well, i'm lucky his not mabuk enough to do something bad to us.

At 5.55pm Si Putih woke me up for sahur. I went out. The kitchen+living room a.k.a. lorong haji taib was DARK but the speaker was turned on (lagu disco disco gittew) so I guess there are still living things in that room. I saw some movements. Girls and guys, in dark, what else they could do?

Maen guli kot. (gile bersangke baek)

So I went back to my room with resentment. Tried to calm down.
Texted Mihah...Alhamdulillah she's about to sahur too. So I went upstairs to sahur at her place. Thanks Mihah!!!! Nanti aku masak nasik goreng untuk ko eh!!

I dunno is this just me, or their act mmg intolerable.

P/S : saya beli VOLLEYBALL di eBay. Yeahhhoooooo...volleyball-ing again. Let's revive that era!!!!

p/p/s : thanx EPUL. hohohohohohoho..


zarf said...

oih.dorg watpe? cite laa cite laa. kehkeh

mad redo1 said...

volleyball? saya suka main volleyball... nanti kita bley lawan... hehehe...

gambo main volleyball tuh ada peraduan teka bola ke?

n Z r A said...

zarf : diorang maen guli laaaaaa...kan dah cakapppp...

bang mad: yeah go go volleyball rocks!
ha'a ktorang teka brape kelajuan bola tu. heheh.