January 31, 2008

Fundamental Practice : Ethics & Law *gulp*

Okay this is a record. 29 posts in a month????

This is 2 conditions which trigger me to blog =>
  • stressful condition. exams. internal & external problems.
  • when meds studs are having their exam. so I can't disturb them much and I have to dissocialize myself with real ppl and socialize with cyber ppl.
When this 2 conditions occur in the same month, wallaaa...I blog non-stop.

But I have to blog this out. I feel soOooOooo...insecured.

About this one new subject I have to take this semester. Ethics & Law in Fundamental Practice. I have totally NO IDEA what am I learning eventhough we are done with several lectures..

Behavioral Science is a new subject to me. Agreed. But at least I have some basics on a few areas like motivation..Plus, it's a subject which deal with Psychological issues, and yeah I can still connect the dots.

BUT this Ethics & Law subject is totally different. Hearing the words ETHIC & LAW itself has sent me down to a sombre gloomy world. (No offense those who are offended T_T) The bad news is..we are gonna be tested in this subject.And the marks would affect the percentage of my final DS1002 marks, of course!!

Just now, during class my lecturer Mr KD came out with few case studies related to negligence in practice, and as usual he asked our response on respective issues. The girl sitting on the 2nd row answered his question, and KD replied "goood". Then onto next questions, the girl behind me replied confidently and she got a wonderful appraisal too. And so did that and this people...but not me. Definitely not me. I was dumbfounded. I found myself very dumbO.

Today's tragic tragedy in the lecture has really sent shivers down my spine. I've got to find a starting point and start taking this subject seriously. Like, seriously seriously! Now go Nadz go! Go rangers gigi berusaha :D


Beruang Madu said...

Hisss... takper lah non-stop blogging..... biasa tu..semua bloggers buat.... apa pun u kat mana sekarang??

n Z r A said...

hehehe..tu lah. blogging ni addictive gler
i kat ireland skang. cork to be precise. huhu..but dentistry...