January 29, 2008

Demotivating motivation

My NOTES during Behavioral Science class. She was talking yada yada about motivation but see how her students translated the motivation into pictures. Thank God I took business (and heart it so much) back in McB. This would ease the process of understanding this demotivating+sleepy subject.

By the way I am such a great artist, am I? Maybe I should give up Dentistry and join Leornado, Raphael, Michealangelo instead (no, Not the turtles, the artists!)

I have my Fundamental of Dental Practice final exams on March 31st. Yeap, I repeat on freakin' March 31st. In the middle of my Easter break. Thank God I haven't booked my ticket to Brussels yet (my auntie lives in Brussels. consider this budget holiday laa...) Oh that was only the written part. Another 50% of marks also much depending on Oral Test which will be held on April 22nd. Ahh...bijak

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witty angel said...

hahahah..asal 1st yr pon cuti easter xbest ni..ade exam ni..ahaha..sian..hahaha..nanti masuk 3rd yr, 4th n final mmg jangan arap easter sangat la.hehe