January 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, BLOG

Yeap. It's been 2 years since my first post with this blog.

It has changed skin several times. From the emo to stylish one, and settled down with the minimal one.

It has changed mood from time to time. I'm angry, I blog. I'm happy, I blog.

It has invited several new friends and also several enemies. People got angry with my words. People declared war with me. I created resentment. It sparked hatred.

But, I regret not.
And I lie not.

For what I wrote, was happening on the spot. And it may represent my thoughts on the dot. The emotion rises as the words being typed out.

I hated myself for not being able to remember how my life used to be when I was smaller, when Dad was still with me. And because of that, I blog. Just to ensure my memories are well preserved. Even when ppl that I love/used to love me leaves/left, the memories will remain in my blog.

p/s : Physio test? I think I crapped a lot. But I'm relieved. Seriously...
pp/s : I'm currently anticipating for 3 parcels. One from Mom, one from (my Netter flashcard) and one from eBay (volleyball). Ngehngehngeh...cpatla sampai..lalala~


Red Mummy said...

nzra - happy bday for yr blog..

like yr words...very the poetry pun ada.

mad redo1 said...

happy birthday blog n Z r A, looking forward to coming over and over again...

n Z r A said...

red mummy : waaaa....tenkiu2.
my words..very the rarely got poetry. biase bunyi2 meroyan saje.

mad redo1 : tq!! thanks a lot. =D