January 27, 2008

Sakit telinga

I, SERIOUSLY don't have any idea how come I used to love this song. The voice is ear-torturing. Arghhh...Pekakkah saya dahulu?

If only I could rewind the time..

Moral of the story : Jangan browse album lama kalau anda tahu anda masih ada kesan2 homesick. Sekian TQ.

5 things found in my wallet

AIB Debit/ATM card, AIB Credit Card, Student card, Garda card (immigration. yeap. rase pendatang sgt T_T), some euros and few cents

5 favorite things in my room
MacBabe, my super cun duvet, jack+jane+MonMon+bebek (soft toys collection), my wall of fame, and the bulletin board.

5 things I always wanted to do
Swimming like a professional, shed some weight, snow skiing, bungee jumping, score each and every one of my exam (okay sound lame pula)

List out the top 4 presents you wish for

an unlimited go-wherever-u-wanna-go flight ticket, slimming/gym/spa package, gift card from all boutiques (Neulook pun ok jua!), an a perfect Imam to lead me in my life would be the best gift kot?

The person who tagged you is

Zackiah karambunai

Your 5 impressions of him

innocent, big spender jua, funny, sweet, easy-going

Most memorable thing he has done to you

rosakkan plan euro trip. heh tak laaa...

erm..byk je. that includes accompanying me jalan2 smua..

If he becomes your lover, you will
Buy her high heals, MAC/ Bobby Brown/ Stila/ Dior make-up set, handbags, do her free facial treatment (x perlu tukar jugak.hehe..)

If he becomes your enemy, the reason will be

she brings me nothing from US *hint*hint*

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Lily.Lulu. said...

woww .. siap karaoke lagi tuh ..

n Z r A said...

heee....kami mmg suke sumbangkan suara :D