September 07, 2007

They are gone?

Another batch of KMBian s flying without wings. Do us proud guys!

Kudin, my classmate. He was such a sweet brother yo!
P/S : I looked pale and fatigued. Coz I was!

Min cam bdak darjah satu. >.< takut dier tergolek bawak beg tu..

Picture edited to cover up unnecessary exposure. Sori syahir kepala potong sket
P/S : FIqah said our my face resembles him (or vice versa la. yeke?)

Min in the mid of the busy-ness. ngehngeh

Us..doing what we do best. Gossiping?

Briefings..Travellers cheque €3050 yo!! Tak aciii =<

The P/Ss:
  • went to SACC. erm and there rest was not going to tell =P
  • after SACC stopped by Subang Parade
  • rushed to Asia Jaya when Fiqah called
  • moved on to Pyramid to buy stuffs..
  • sped off to KLIA to send them
  • Syahir...u broke our promise and I'll break your legs >.<
  • Guess what? I saw Peja. SO what? saje jeee nak cakapppp..did we talk? Coz not. We are strangers kan?

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