September 27, 2007


My new, big family
Today I decided not to wear my sweater. Just my long john and shirt.

Skali kuar....makkkkkk sejuknyeeeeeeeee...7 degrees u know???

Bad choice. Wrong decision. ngehehehehe

A different angle of the quadrangle

Charlesfort - pandangan atas

One of the entrance to UCC

Menggedik di cafe tepi jalan

Today we got iftar invitation to Kak Nang's house..another senior's big house...ahhh..beshnye..
And dgn tak malunye we asked them whether we could sleepover at their house...takkan dorg nak kate TAK BLEH. SYUH SYUH plak kan..
it'll be easier for me as I'm having a class at Cork University Hosp. tomorrow. CUH would be nearer from their house.. It takes about 30-40 mins walk from castlewhite...Can't imagine how am I going through this during winter..
Okayh...till then~


mad redo1 said...

does the UCC have their own gaelic football team?

sejuk said...

haha nama aku sebagai entry..salanm kenal

n Z r A said...

bro mad redo1 : yup..indeed they have far i havent seen them on a game yet..
tapi pepetang adelah beberapa irish hot bermaen disekitar laman apartment *cuci mate* hahaha

sejuk : salam kenalll..oh...sejuknye name..