September 11, 2007

The 4th person

Everybody must have their own circles of friends/family in their life..And those circles might differ in terms of their radius and the distance from our heart. Today I'm gonna tell u the 4th person in my life, after my dad, my mom and my bro..she's none other than Mahfuzah.

Up until now, our friendship has been going through 7 years. We share lots of interest together. She follows me almost everywhere I go. She's my partner in crime and we also have this sort of instinct together. What kind of instinct? I don't how to say this but simply put as...we see things through the same eyes. Sometimes inside my car, during our journey, when I was humming into certain tunes, she would sing the same song too. If we were singing along to the song in the radio, we would take different role, if she's the singer then I'm the backup, If she's the soprano, i'll do the alto..and vice versa. It's indescribable but I'm glad to have her by my side.
This is why I'm so worried that I have to intrude her complicated love stories.
This is why whether she likes it or not, she has to listen to my justification about her choices.
Simply because of this special bond that we created, I feel obliged to take care of her, until death do us apart.

Leaving Malaysia means also leaving her..all *quite* alone. All this while I've been her driver and she's been my loyal company. I hope somebody here would be kind enough to take care of Fuzah while I'm gone.

Moving on..

Today we went to our beloved SMSS coz I felt like meeting them teachers for some sort of mintak ampun and restu. And as always, it brought us down to memory lane where memories were created and friendship was built. Though cinta mati towards SMSS is gone, cinta nyawa2 ikan still existed. The teachers, they were superb! Met Pn Roslina, talked to her for about 30 mins or so..went to the staff room. I'm surprised Ustazah Mazinaton still remember my name..and also Ustazah Salma. They said I've slimmed down tho I've not. Okla compared to my school years where I used to weigh 10kg heavier than I am now but heyyyy I'm putting on weight man!!!! This is so super duper giler scarry okayhhh???
Then we had lunch in the canteen with C.Su and C.Rozi and C.Jef did, menyibuk too. C.Zuraiyah came later to join and finally C.Roslina completed the mengumpat team..tehehehehehehe...

All in time in Malaysia is getting shorter (at least for this year la kan) and I'd like to spend it with people that I love. Alas, things don't always go as we want unless miracles happen ..I can't wait for the shooting star just to wish for Ida/Wani/Zack/Bella to be with me at this moment tetibe kan..I just hope that our strong friendship would last a lil longer so come back in 5/6 years time we would be a lil bit un-busy and we could hang out like what we used to do =D


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