September 01, 2007

Teary Eyes

I promised my atoks I'm going back to Muar before I go. Time is running out so the last Merdeka holiday was the most appropriate time to do so...
After lots of thinking, 2 hours after I reached home from the shopping outing, I told mak "Jom balik kampung"

And after 3 pit stops (Projet Bkt Saga/Seremban R&R/Tangkak Tol Plaza) and 130-140-150km/h later..we reached Muar safe and sound.
I saw Cik Aris (mom's bro) at his favourite spot and to my surprise, my atok haron wasn't in his bed yet. My atok pisah wasn't even back at home coz she was busy MEREWANG (sape tatau maksud gi usaha gigih tanye org) at a neighour's home. Unload our bags (eleh stakal 2 ketul je) and checked out our rooms (we have 6 extended rooms for the anak cucu).
30 minutes later, I heard a very cute voice shouting out in surprise
" sapa yang balik niiiiii!!!!"

I knew that cute voice.
I recognised that petite figure.
It was my atok pisah!
And the rest was history. Spent a nite there. Had breakfast. Learned how to cook sambal udang and helped mom to cook.
We told my atoks that my flight might be on 16th september. Tok Haron looked quite dissapointed. Problem's Ramadhan. And with the terawih and the fact that he can't travel much during Ramadhan due to his gastric's quite impossible for him to send me off at KLIA. Mom had told me earlier. Expect nothing. They are not going to be there.
Tok said "kalau ade org bawak btul2 ye boleh aje" (means if the arrangements of sending him to KLIA and back to Muar is smooth and possible, he would have no problem sending me off)
But being a nice and understanding daughter, mak told tok that It's okay if they couldn't make it.
The last moment there, I hugged tok pisah and cried. And her eyes were quite reddish too. Made me cried more terrible la of course. Salam my atok haron and again, cried.

It's damn saddening =(

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