September 16, 2007

Hapuslah airmataku~

This year we had our potluck earlier, since Mom insisted to have one before I go. Mak Pah came earlier for preparation. This time around we (as if my house + mak pah) prepared sambal sotong, ikan kicap, pengat pisang, kerabu kerang and ayam goreng. A lil bit extra, I must say since every year, we played as the organizer and hence we took a lil mengelat decision to prepare the nasik and the air only =)

Then Cik Kam (eyhhh membace blog?!?!) brought in sumptous Kari daging, followed by Mak Tip's delicious Telur bungkus and kerabu mangge. The rest of the dishes We've got ayam goreng, ayam goreng berempah, ayam kurma, ayam percik, kari jantung, murtabak, tepung pelita, kuih koci, karipap on the floor..Enough to cater for a bazar Ramadhan, I wud say =)

I was a lil bit emotional this year. My mind went terganggu throughout the session as I took it as the last moment I'd have them by my side. That hoohaahh hoohaahhh that blabbers that laser-ed words..Glad most of them made it to my house (except Cik Co & Cik Din, forgiveable la they are like 200km away from my house). At least I could experience some mock Hari Raya session with them..

Sumpah sedih..

When I said to Qilah that I'm gonna meet them again only 1 year from now she came to hug me. So do Sarah and Kak Ngah (when the girls are having their CONCERT outside my house)

Even when the adorable Fariq Imran said "bye" my emotion was terribly shaken. Oh..cannot tahan...

When Mak Limah came into my room to say goodbye, I burst into tears coz I just couldn't bare the sadness. This was too heavy man...

When pakcik Man said "oh pegi Isnin? eh..Isnin ni bace surah pendek2 je la.." (He was imam-ing the masjid Wangsa Maju for teraweh.
And suddenly when I was isolating myself in my room just to gather myself again to go through this very last get together, I received a call that made myself bursting into tears. Empangan pecah sudeyh...There she was at the other end of the line, my very own best friend, my friend who used to be my tmpat menangis when I was having my tough days back in McB, my friend who used to stay at night mengumpat-ing on our bed back in SMSS. With the thought that she couldn't make it to KLIA this Monday, I just couldn't hold back my tears.

Now let's put this teary emotion aside. I have 20 kg box and 25++kg luggage to be handled. But seriously, thanks to those who are making the effort to send me off to KLIA.

To Makpah for preparing the sambal ikan bilis
To Cik Aris for the perencah mi bandung
To MakSemah for the perencah mi rebus and soto
And to all my family who made it today. I love u all so much!!


pemanggil tepon yg menanges. said...

malunye baru ckp hello dah ternanges ;p
abes tersumbat idong aku.
tsk tsk tsk.

InsyaAllah i'll come on monday itu :)
tp skejap je la.
better skejap dr lgsg xjumpe kan?
jumpa nnti ye:D

p/s: jgn lupe bw tisu ;p

cik-kam said...


sedey nya entry ni..
seriuss beb!

btw, be strong ok..
all the best & take good care.