September 13, 2007


Yesterday I bumped into my ex-primary-schoolmate in fster and we extended our "reunion" in YM. Gosh she knew almost everyone whereabouts, from Divakar to Kartick to Ong Shze Yeong to Ikhwan Fadhli..and that makes me a lil bit dissappointed with myself for not keeping in touch with them
but come to think of it again...
patut la lost contact..almost all of them went to the same school (SMK Alam Megah) and they were classmates for almost 5 years..

It was a nice talk tho. Reminiscing how we used to wear big specs. The cat fights. Zaman banyak spot check nak amik DigiMon (IN giler this thingy back then. siap org sorok dlm undies lagi??)

5 Cekap 1998 (xde plak gmbr 6 Cekap..Yela..zaman dedulu mane ade org bawak DigiCam gi skolah...) Let's test my memory..
From L-R 1st row :
Syazwan - still in touch. he used to be soooo...kurang tinggi but look at him now..tsk..kalah gue! In Mesir doing Meds
Ong Shze Yeong - we used to call him Tomato Man (tomatoman was so in back then). but hey..he became a young, thin and good looking handsome man la skang. In Drake, USA
Er...what was his name? Azwan? Wan sumthg? tsk..
Kartick! - found his fster and I guess he's a bit..fairer la now?
Khairul Izzat - used to call him B* tony*k. aih...zaman kekecik
Khairul Anwar - he used to be so famous. athlete, good looking....aih but look at him now..In UITM Sarawak (kot)
Saiful Haziq - erm..I think he's still exists in Bkt Saga..*kot*
Divakar - I remembered Kartick n Divakar so much coz one of them brought Coke+Milk to our class party and none of us ever dared to touch them *peace bro*
Ng Kok Chuan - hahaha..I remembered how big his mouth was..
Nicholas Raj - In Drake, USA. IF i'm not mistaken he used to be a polite n decent boy back thhen
Hafiz jepun - yes. he is because his mother ke sape tah is a Japanese. same like Siti Faridah Masaki. His adik's name is Naoya..menarik bukan?
2nd row L-R
Soh Ten-Ni - my soul saviour. used to pick me up when I was being kicked out by the bitches (back then in 99). wonder where u are now Ten-Ni...miss u so much!!
Sasikala - last thing I heard bout her she went so blagak and denied that she was a HICOM-ers (cam transformers plak)
Wani Idayu - bet she'll go menyumpah when she look at this picture. But she's became a stunning lady now. Doing LLB, Uni of London
ERm...Aisyah ke name dier? err..tak ingat
Anis Salwa - this one I talked about in my previous2 post on her national winning. gmpak seyh!. In Maktab Perguruan Teknik Cheras
Ernie Syahira - In UITM Penang. Sexy u..skang~ Last saw her when I was at Chi Dim Sum
Intan Liyana -hurmm...xpnah dgr citer?
Nadiah Fouzi - jiran blakang umah jauh sket..In Jordan, doing Meds too..
Serene Gan Pek Har - her house is like....5-6 blocks from mine tp tak pernah nampak dier
Fakhirah - erm..?
Putri Farah Wahida - used to be my musuh ketat..coz of a guy named Jasli Syah Jabidin..hahaha
Nur Najwa - all I remembered was her big mouth
3rd row L-R
Hakim! - still in touch..till now..UIA doing longest crush coz he was my classmate from 2 Elok, 3 Budi, 4 Budi, 5 Cekap, 6 Cekap. *kantoi rahsia*
Erm..what his name ergh..SasiKumar sumthg?
Ikhwan Fadhli - my assistant (NOTE : I was the Head Prefect back then). suke UITM doing Acc
Najwa - met her at McB. hehehe..goin to Liverpool doing Meds
Suraya - Fuzah's housemate. in IMU doin Meds
Farah Liyana - gunting dlm lipatan. duri dlm daging. smua benda lahh UITM Malacca doing Acc
Yours Truly - muke pressure sebab kena lipat tudung. lupe pakai baju skirt prefect jadi rase inferior skit. nak tuleh gak..goin to CORK, doin Dentistry..ngeeeeee..
ALyaa - In Poli Shah Alam
Fatin Amira - kept in touch but mostly in Fster la. in TPM doing Business (rasenye la..)
And this one, was my classmates back in 3A2, SRA Seksyen 3. This was during our Farewell Party with Ustazah Ismi Nur Ain (gile kecik..can u spot her??). I lost contact with most of them since I moved to SRA Tmn Bkt Saga in 98. Can't really remember their names but met some of them - Afif (the one who's face was covered by Ustazah) in McB, doin Meds in QM of London (rasenye) Zahirah, 3rd row, the one in the mosssttt right, doin Meds in India, Faatihah (2nd row, 4th from left) (married alreadyyyyy!!!!!) in Aussie, doin Acc..
Yg laen dah lost contact..but I could still remember their names...Khamishfa - 1st row, paling kanan. Ira Hazwani - 2nd row, besides me..(haaa..cepumas..mane gue???), then this twin Ilani n Ilana..Dalila..and ermmmm....tu je kot..


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