September 17, 2007

Can't believe this is happening

The date marked 17th September 2007 yo...
I am currently savouring the last moment with my dear room, dear bed, dear toilet, dear dapur, dear tv, dear sofa, dear everything.
Kipas pusing pun bunyik sedih...
dinding kaler ceria pun rase sedih..
Dear house, do take care. Pls take care of my mommy and my bro. Make them happy.

SO this is last post from Malaysia..
hopefully I'd settle down well and things would run smoothly.

cry no more
it's time to be a big girl now
and big girls don't cry =>

New life.
New environment.
New friends.
New place.
but still the same old me hopefully..
Ya Allah periharalah hambaMu ini

Ireland, here I come =>

1 comment:

mad redo1 said...

nZra dear, I wish you all the best in your journey to the emerald isle and also for the whole duration of your stay there.

the faraway doc is a malaysian family residing in ireland, I believe she is one of many malaysians currently breathing the fresh(?) air over there.

furthermore, being a good luck charm to your mother, going to ireland certainly will increase your aura with all the irish luck... hehehe

going to link you with me, as it is going to be very interesting to read about your new life over there.

once again, all the best gurl...