September 20, 2007

Update saye!

Laptop registration - done


Yahoo Msgr and all those kind of Messenger still couldn't be accessed
oh kesedihan T_T
Well I'm doing QUITE okay here.
thanks to the seniors for making things ran smoothly
and for the lauk pauks too

There are 6 ppl per apartment..Mine? 2 malaysian (me and Jeng Yin) and 3 Irish (Sarah, Ann & another one from Cork I havent met yet) Another 1 is still anonymous...
TAPI saye dgr sayup2 suara laki..oh ade laki ke.....takutnyerrrrrrr..
And I still have to brush up my English & familiarise with the Irish accent..Most of the time Sarah needed to repeat her words coz I couldnt understand. tralalalala bertabah la oh diri sendiri

I miss home, of course. Miss the meals too. First few days we depended on seniors a lot. Up until yesterday makan pun lauk pauk yg diorang kasi 2-3 days ago..panas2kan..alter2 skit. But today we're going TO COOK. Me, Mihah & Wany will be preparing sambal tumis ikan bilis, Nida&Alia doing ayam goreng kentucky and Aliyah&Adilah is going to cook tomyam.

The weather is cold. Yup, it rains a lot in Ireland. Secara tibe2 hujan. Jalan kesana sini hujan lagi. Bangun pagi hujan. Hujan seperti...sebahagian dari idup..ngehngehngeh..

Yesterday I did my shopping. and we still couldn't help from converting..
seperti...membeli hanger 2 euro...skali convert...oiiiiii hanger rm10?

oklah..wanna configure my ym settings.

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mad redo1 said...

hey... good to see you have arrived safely. it seems the recycling habit is in full swing in Ireland with the lauk being recycled all the time... but the same could be said about those lauk at mamak restaurants throughout Malaysia... pick up a brolly girl...