September 25, 2007

Looking thru my lenses

The weather is getting colder...and colder..and colder...

Living here, away from home makes me realize how perfect the life I had back in Malaysia..

acehhh...feeling2 terlebih ni sbnanye sebab tension dah 2 hari makan nasik goreng ngan telur jeeee...
I think we are developing the letak-campak-masak-sesuka hati skill and I bet it'll get better day by day. Yesterday we had nasi goreng belacan + rase ayam (rase je...ayam takde...senior pun da abeh stock =(( ) + tomyam paste and the great omelette. The taste was...what should I say..close to tasty..but still not there. But thank God the bread pudding saved the day. It was delicious (gorgeous bak kate hsemate Nida, an Irish I forgot the name oledi)

Yesterday one of my hsemate, Katrina had a party..
It was quite..shocking. Pernah dgr lagu Alhamdulillah? ya..mari kita nyanyikan verse lagu itu dgn penuh bersemangat..

berpesta ke pagi botol bergelimpangan
kekasih muda bukan takat berpegang tangan
harta dan jamuan nafsu tidak berkekalan
bila menjelang tua bukan itu jadi bekalan do they care about bekalan menjelang tua. It's something that they've been holding onto since they were born. It's is their blood..running thru their vein..
Here in Eire, they party a lot. Yesterday when we were on our way back to our rooms we bumped into a group of girls on the start their nightlife. One of the girl, Shannon asked :

S : are you coming out tonite?
Us : No.
S : how about tomorrow's nite
Us : No. We don't think so..
S : How about Thursday, Friday...weekends
Us : No..we don't really go out at nite. U mean, to pub is it?
S : Yeah..y don't u join us..yada yada..bla bla..

Huhu..they are friendly..really..They meant to make friends, maybe make us feel home..not alienated..but the cultural difference were just too big.

Now...this is just a new start. Many fun and INTERESTING things waiting ahead. Yup, it might be a bit scary but these what made life more interesting aite?


palie said...

bagus laa x gi party2 tu... ingat adat resam kite sebagai org timur...

n Z r A said...

yup..kulit saye masih sawo matang...darah saye masih darah melayu..
(aceh...patriotik sungguh)

Ida said...

ecececee patriotik.
x rugi pegi btn.

mad redo1 said...

mad redo1 apologizes for going against the flow here.

by all means go to the party or to the pub, observe them and you will learn something from them, eliminate the bad things and appreciate the good traits.

that is the way I would broaden my horizon... just ensure your safety is not compromised in any way.

so far I am doing okay... hehehe...