September 09, 2007


Last Friday when Fiqah and I were strolling in Sunway Pyramid, we bumped into lots of kiosk selling ridiculous things. Like a rock that is actually a bean that can grow up, like any other plant. And also lots of cute purse and bear where you can grab any 2 for RM 10 (which of course, Fiqah and I bought for her phone and for my super slim camera)
And it got us thinking, are we ever gonna find this kind of "pleasure" thousand miles away from here?

Plus today I went to the great BB area and went gugu gaga over the gadgets there. Ouh..baru saya sedar yg saya sangat gilakan accessories perkomputeran..(look figure 2.ngehngeh..) And of course, I am continuing the effort of adding up my Shin Chan collections so that explains the first picture. To add up some spice in my worrying spending trend, I even grabbed a Japanese drama DVD, Pride (ye ye..saya tau..saye dah ketinggalan zaman like...10 tahun yg lalu??)

Oh oh...gotta be extra careful now T_T
So..what's left in the shopping list?
A bag for my hand luggage (still havent decided whether I should bring a trolley bag or a bagpack) A sweater, at least to survive the weather. Another jeans (accidentally bought 2 jeans of the same colour/pattern - but diff!?!?!?!?!?) , and some craps..ngehngehngeh..

P/S : Someday when I have my own kids, I'll encourage them to bank in their duit raya and prohibit them from using it until the time they really need it (provided the duit raya tradition still exist la). When the time has come, like....when they were to further their studies overseas, walla....they have their own money to be spent guilty-less. This is what we called DELAYED GRATIFICATION!
Yeah babyyyy~

p P/S : Thanks Tok Che Ann (and Mak Teh).

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kak yan said...

hi nadhirah..ehehe
anxious to leave msia is it? i know the feeling.
by the way 4 da hand luggage i will definitely suggest u to bring a trolley bag for quite afew reasons:

1. more stuff can be put inside but ingat, no food or liquid or anything sharp in hand luggage. or u can put ur laptop inside too.
2.kat sini hand luggage tak la mahal, tapi nyesalnye tak beli kat msia yg branded, not so expensive as here and definitely will last.
3. backpack..humm u can stuff it inside ur check-in luggage. or buy it here but mind u, design dia not as attractive as radioactive,extreme brand bags

hahha..thats all from cork..