September 03, 2007

OOps I did it again!

Yesterday I spent 6 hours hunting down some stuff and ended up with those 2 beautifooollll things I posted below.
Love it..and love the discounts too (MegaSale dah abes T_T)

Now I'm a bit stressed out since there are many more things to be bought while I think time is getting less and less.
Mid done. The Curve (half) done. OU done. So am going for my last resort - KLCC
Plus the fact that most of my friends are 90% done with their preparation - cam gile lagi cuak horror T_T Tomorrow is supposed to be my pay day but heck 100% of the amount has been spared for the new digicam.
Guess my spending lust is taking control over me. Someone save me!!

Went to Hospital Serdang to meet my uncle doctor. A cardiologist at the age of 36. Duncha think he's quite young? Mom took the opportunity to seek advice upon her Hypertension problem and the answer is a big YES. She needs treatment.
Another thing to be added to my TO BE WORRIED OF list. Haih...
Abg's down with kidney problem.
Mak with HPT.
And the latest - Pak Long with colon cancer.
Life is not always easy breezy beautiful (covergirl~) kan?

To end the super-mind-torturing day, I went to Kak Aidah saloon of Section 18. Went out of my mind and Oops..I did it again T_T

By the way...thanks Dr Zamri! And thanks kak Norasikin of JPA for the help!

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