September 04, 2007


Never thought I could survive, walking alone in one of KL's busiest road...
The taxy driver was being a real snob, so I decided...yeah fine...I can walk!
From the AmpWalk (now..the name really inspired me) I walked to Ampang Park. Made a few rounds there and took LRT back to KLCC.

Planned to drop by at Bukit Jalil to get my oh-so-pinky camera from Fuzah dearest but the text I got from Jo Lin distracted me so much that I decided to get connected to the net ASAP!

"Hey, accom form is out d.Open 4bookin..U got a chinese roomate..but it's not me. Sob sob..Gotta tt 300 euro 4bookin.stayin at castlewhite."
And I reached home. Checked the email. And tsk..

Ms Ooi Jeng Yin, I hope we could get along well~
She's not a JPA student, she's a private student.


Well...whatever. Just hoping for the best. We got our student ID already..hehe...i loike the ##!

And I really hope my apartment faces the River Lee so I'd get the intermittent Internet connection. Jadikla...kalo dah desperate sangat...
Tapi kena tunggu pokok botak2 baru leh dpt connection? Nanti snow ke ape tak dpt langsung la eh? Hehehehe..

By the jiran atas would be Wany least I got some ppl I know staying nearby..


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