August 24, 2007


Almost everytime, everynite, when I "excused" myself from a YM conversation for shower, my friend(s) would go
"jgn mandi malam2!!!!"
"oih..nak kena pneumonia ke??!?!"

but Alhamdulillah, x-ray ku masih menunjukkan kenormalan paru-paruku =)

2 days to be enjoyed before I resigned. sigh~

hope the bond I created would last
hope my presence is a significant one
hope I'd leave peacefully, happily

Dear Kak Su, u're the one that I love and respect most in MPH. I wish I'd be seeing u manager-ing our outlet in one year time~
Dear Am => u're nice, u're kind, u're sweet, u're cute, be good will u?
Dear Abg Dyn, u're kind, u're nice. U're the most soft-spoken manager I ever seen alive. haha
Dear Shah, u're nice, u're such a good friend and a good listener. thanx a lot bro!
Dear Joe, u're kind, u're nice. U're superb. Hope u'll be supervising the outlet in the near future
Dear Yaser, I regret things didn't go too well between us. But I wish u luck in ur future undertakings
Dear Akma, good luck dear =)
Kak Ain, u're such a beautiful girl. But pls use ur beauty wisely will ya? U're nice too~
Abg Saifu, u're such a pain in the ass. However, u're still kind n such a sweet talker

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