August 31, 2007

Selamat merdeka!!

Selamat Merdeka MALAYSIA!!!! I love you!!!!

Bought my books . Alang2 dah ade kat KL so might as well asked my mom to drive me there. I thought the famous KAMAL BOOKSTORE would look more like a single building bookstore or at least as fine as Pustaka Mukmin of Jln TAR
turned out the bookstore was a small kedai-runcit-look alike but of course, with thousands of medical books!

And looking at the amount...*jawdropped* Thanx to the ppl who attended my kenduri and menghulur2...At least I got some $$ to pay the books (am going to ketuk my mom for bigger amount..yg 500-600 ni let me use my money la)

Since my next pay has been put aside for the digicam I ordered from Lan (all the way from Japan) so Mak...prepare your duit gaji!!!!
But as Mak always said "takperla...lepas ni adik dah gi mak dah tak spend2 utk adik lagi"
So...there goes my guilt - the devil part of moi dah muncul~

Oh ye..just as a reminder..Things I must do before 16th September :

  • Visit Pa's kubur. And one visit during Ramadhan, at least!
  • Mak Pah's house. oih ni bape lame dah put on hold ni
  • Balik Muar meet my atoks.
  • If got time, meet my Tok Bik & Tok Aman (at Muar too)
  • Pay Tok Tam & Tok Busu (female) a visit
  • Futsal!!!!!!!
  • Swimming!!
  • Sunway Lagoon
  • Cycling!!!!!
  • Naik eye on Malaysia
Oih byknye!!!
Berusaha Naddzirahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

A : tak sehatla..batuk2 ni..demam..tak sedap badan. kalu Nad doctor bleh la checkkan #@
Me : Nad bkan nak pesan ni..kurangkan smoke..byk2 minum air kosong.nnt x dpt blakon impian Ilyana
A : Baek doctor mengsyorkan Sensodyne~

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