August 24, 2007


I don't wanna anybody but u, Miss Nazira

Teeeehehehehe..really? U really want me?

Are u going back every year?

Yes I do

Are u going for good?

No I won't

Don't forget to come, tomorrow, my dear =)

Of course I will, my dear =P

Oh I had a wonderful day..
Had a long chat with my dear kak su
Had good session with dear u-know-who
And a good, sinful dining with encik fadzrul si baju melayu lalala~
Thanx a lot for the treat ye. Next time around the lunch is on me pula ya?

Scandalous by Mis Teeq

So, so, so scandalous
You know you wanna sing with us
That's why you know you should be scared of us

Non stop looks to kill
Straight talk sex appeal
One touch gives me chills and we ain't even close yet
Rough neck all around
Inking all over town
Show me how you get down
Cos we ain't even close yet

You got me feening and you got me feeling weak
Listen as I speak cos I'm careful as I creep
You got me going crazy and you know I can't sleep
No fortune your moves and you hypnotise me
You got me trembling like a little baby girl
You're so special, you're like diamonds and pearls
You got me spinning and you got me in a twirl
You're my number one baby and you come to rock my world

You're dangerous
Just get it up
The way you move so scandalous
It's all about the two of us
A one night stand just ain't enough
I need some stimulation baby
A little conversation maybe
You got me spinning out like crazy
There goes my baby

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