August 27, 2007

I miss him

Ape ni?

Tepi ckit..Mayam nak tngok aar...

hello...maa..tgk kak jiah tak kasi Mayam maen..

Second day after I resigned....bored me to death oledi..
I miss meeting the customers, pricing the books, arranging them..
And most of all I miss my colleagues ='(
Planned to send my uniform today but suddenly it rained heavily..
So far Abang Din been calling me few times already..
Twice yesterday..once today..haha...rindu saye ke bangggg :P

By the way I'm going to send off the uniform tomorrow
Hopefully tomorrow wud be a better day :D
And am gonna meet up Fiqah and Mun di Times
Hopefully I cud make it back to Shah Alam by 4/5
SO I wud register myself at Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan
For what?
Biarlah rahsia~

Finally I made the effort to contact the seniors there
They've been great help(s)
Kak Yan, Kak Di, Sis Atiq
And they'll try to get me through my dentistry seniors for the list of books
Sis Atiq even gave me her address so I could ship my things earlier
In short, after few stupid and FAQs, 20 kg is definitely not enough
And I may only need to bring a pair of shoes since I'd be facing no problem finding one there
And of all things, CILI KERING topped the list
I don't have to worry coz my favourite kicap kipas udang is available there
And I am definitely running out of time smua offer letter nye pasal....

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