August 22, 2007

Stop driving me crazy.

I tell u, I'd rather do charity work than working my ass off for a penny!
Stupid supervisors......

Closer by Burn Season

You say i'm stuck somewhere back in between
My blured memories
Some say I kicked myself right in the face
I'm not as I seem.

I'd erase what you say
Scramble words in the way
But you can't take away
Turn away
Run away
Fuck with me

Don't say that its over
I'd kill to be closer
A moment i'm passing to you
But to me
I will wait
And i'll take
Anything with your name
Don't say that its over
You can't live without me

You say theres something wrong in my head
So I like to bleed
You say i'm scaring you now but i'm tired
From watching you sleep

Oh sorry Mr time i'll post up ur lyrics =P

U're smart, u're cute..wud u be my wife?

U must be crazy~

He misses u so much, he keeps on saying ur name

Haha..nak ke jd isteri *&^%$


Oh no..I ain't promiscuous..I ain't easy, I ain't sleazy, I got reasons why I tease 'em =P

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