August 31, 2007

Shopping Version 1.0 (err...1.99 actually)

Above my 30' bag are : Long John (suggested by a senior) and a plastic of erm...things that Zack told me to buy coz it's quite expensive there
L-R : A polka-dot sleeveless dress (Tramp), a *long* tshirt (Voir), a dress? (MNG), a...erm...shirt meant for the sleeveless dress (Sunflower) - okay my vocab is totally crap..huu..
This one from the previous outings - A super comfy shirt (Union Bay) and a cropped jacket (Radioactive)
Things I managed to grab using my discounted staff purchase (notice the red MPH tags??)
The ones that I THINK i'll use (notice the capital)
My working place - to fill up forms and crossing out to-do lists (notice my Macbabe&her new guard)
Last but not least...the ones that I'll be dedicating my life to...

40% down....60% more to go! Yeah~

Thanx mak!!!!

P/S : being paranoid is so tiring. rase cam smua benda nak angkut..
eh itu paranoid ke tamak eh?

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Palie said...

selamat hari merdeka... hayatilah ia dengan erti kemerdekaan...