August 28, 2007

I love you encik poslaju

Today, to my horror, I saw a piece of note by PosLaju, stating they came by and I didn't reply.

Oh....berdegup jantungkuuuu offer letter ku dah sampaiiii tapi smpat tak ku nak hamik hariniiiiiii..

SO I called the PostLaju office and they suggested me to try my luck later in the evening
And I went on with my plan..Met up with Fiqah & Mun at Times
Bought a black crystal case for my baby. Uuuuu my baby da ade guard dah skang~ hopefully no scratchy scratchy..
I am willing to pay every cent for the sake of my MacBabe y'know?

By 4.30 I managed to reach Asia Jaya, drove back to Shah Alam. Got lost in Seksyen U1/U2/U8 finding the PosLaju office. Reached there just in time....they were about to lock the door T_T
I pulled my innocent-gedik-ngade face (it worked on most of ppl especially men =D). Lucky me the postmen just got back..Thanx encik Zulfahmi..I love u!!!!!

Went to MPH to return my uniform. Lepak-ed there few hours. Chit chatted with my darlingS (note the S - it's in plural form).I miss them. Sampai2 je tadi memasing suruh buat part time la..susunkan buku la..jadi cashier la..hehe =D Robbed a few boxes from them. Gotta ship my things by this week so I won't wait too long before they arrive. (thanx sis atiq for the brilliant idea). Then went home after mom called.

So everything went accordingly to the plan. Except the PADE part..takpe..there's always tomorrow kan..
And I forgot to buy cooling pad for my MacBabe. Sori time I'll buy u one!

Ohhhh....too many things to be settled. Letter of Good COnduct ler..IB certs summore..Photostat here and there. White background-passport pic summore
Gotta read the infos given in the leaflet.
I have to be there by 18th September for pre-registration
Briefing for Undergraduates for School of Medicine & Health (ye...saye bawah department itu tau) would be on 21st September

Tomorrow - JPA predeparture briefing..Hopefully I'll be richer by tomorrow.
Hah....UOL da sampai baru la smangat skit nak wat preparation B-)

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