August 26, 2007


My journey today..

Started at 10.45am

Shah Alam - LRT Putra Asia Jaya (Kudin) - Kg Betik (Nabila's) - LRT Putra Asia Jaya (Kudin) - Bukit Jalil (Fuzah + Fadzrul) - Selayang (Fiqah) - UIA (Wani) - The Curve (Wani + Fadzrul + Fuzah) - UIA (Ayu +rempit!!!)- Tepi jln Selayang (Fadzrul) - Bukit Jalil (Fuzah) - Shah Alam

Ended at 12.30am

It was tiring, but twas surely worth the effort =D

And today, for the first time ever in 7 years time, I'm riding on the motorcycle again!!
Thanx to Wani...bawak saye merempit di UIA!
Tapi takmo ajar saye bawak moto plakkkkkkk!!!
Pasni bleh la saye naek moto...
Eh ngan sape eh?

Cube teka ni gmbr ape?? Hahahaha~

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