August 29, 2007

I want my financial affidavit!!!!!!!!!

Today is supposed to be a happy day when I am RM9000 richer than yesterday but the lost of
my financial affidavit just zap off the mood

Please please please...anyone, everyone, should u find a brown envelope written N, UCC please please please return in to me..
O God, please help me. =(

Anyway the pre departure briefing went smoothly today. With the ikrar and amanat, I feel I am 50% ready to fly Malaysian flag high in my uni (err..not literally la) Hopefully I dont screw up throughout the 60months T_T
With the strict warning from MAS ppl, so yeah, better stick within the weight limit I guess.
And the flight....most probably, God's willing and if all went well with the British Airways (since they are handling our transit flight from Heathrow to Cork), we are tentatively being lined up for the 16th September flight (not sure whether it's MH2 or MH4 tho). Oh Dear God pls make it real. It's a Sunday and hopefully my super duper busy friends are able to watch my horror-stricken-crying-baby face.

Like what I told earlier, I am 9000 richer than yesterday but that is definitely not rich enough to start a new life there. And...errrmmm...Euro notes are..not so beautiful.
And they got no duit-raye smell. U know..the smell when we receive angpau during raya..the smell of richness..In fact the Euro notes looked more like Monopoly money. offence tho.
Tomorrow I'd better find myself a new purse to fill up the $$ (ape code utk euro nye symbol eh?)

Ceh berangan je. Financial affidavit ilang bleh fly ke?!?!?
Help me!!!!

On a different note, today I realised (sbnanye dah lame realise harini je baru nak luahkan) I have one hell of mood swing that only ppl with special degree of patience could tolerate.
I admit, I have super duper busuk attitude.
One tips on how to get along with this smelly attitude of yours truly -jgn emo balik je (cam bagus je kan ...diri sendiri sorang2 je bleh emo) but hell yeah it works wonderfully tau. Like my mom..before this she would go fiercer when I had fits. But nowadays she would go very calm and sepoi2 bahasa - and I finally went on with the flow.
Like Fadzrul - should he went on with his usual I-wanna-win situation I dont think I'd be able to talk to him (apetah lagi mengangkutnya kesana sini =P) like I did 2 days ago
I guess my future husband (if any =P) must be one hell of patience and tenang2 makhluk. But I think when I found the right ppl to settle down with, my mood swings would be cured (or at least improved)

Ceh brangan affidavit ilang bleh kawen kee?????
Waaaa...paranoia-stricken...tolong gueeee!!!

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