December 04, 2007

Shattered heart

Angin harini bertiup kencang sampai rase nak teterbang. Rase kurus sekejap. heheh

"heart broken"

The news on the results spread fast. No, they may not know my result but the fact that our Malaysian friend got highest marks in our class really got me into hard times. They (med studs friends) are expecting my result is as good as his when the fact that it's totally the opposite.

No, I didn't fail. I just don't get good results.

I find it hard to look up the pages of topic covered in the previous test. Hati (atau jantung?) saya berdegup kencang. There's this one stinging pain that really hurts.
Usually I would opt to leave the hurting memories behind. Dulu ketika form 4 saya fail Biology kerana melabel struktur jantung. Since that I never dare to even learn them and I started to hate them. But this time around I won't repeat the same old mistakes.

My mom believes in me.
Fuzah said I just need time and space to alter my studying skills. She has been with me in my 5 (SMSS) + 2 (KMB) years and she knows eventually I would do better.

I wanna rise and shine. >.<
even if it gets me creeping before I could stand up and run, I really wanna shine..

.haha emo betul. baru 1st test.

~Those who cannot learn from history, are doomed to repeat it~


adilah said...

salam nads!!

yeah!! way to go!!
i BELIEVE that u will shine!!!!
the previous test was just a 'test' that u know where is ur weakness and that u shd upgrade ur efforts, as well as ur doa'...
don't give up k???
WE WILL ALL BE SHINING THROUGH OUT this 5 years...insyaAllah!!!

n Z r A said...

haha smangat je adilah. thanks by the way. yup, may all of u shine together2 throughout this bittersweet 5 years.

aliyah said...

soo tweet!!

U've prayed for sunny bright day,
but instead, He gave downpour of rains..
you know why?
[sbb kt ireland!! ekekekes, acah je]
cause He wants u to have a more meaningful gift - the RAINBOW!!

[sorry la kalo x sedap, sbb nih translated + dementia version nye]

Cheer up!! nnt kt gi main ski sesama eh?!!

mad redo1 said...

woah! deja-vu

I remember reading this entry in my dream around a week ago...

so deja-vu...

n Z r A said...

aaaa...of all the deja-vus mengapa deja-vu kan kehambaran result sayeee....

now dream on reading an entry of me getting 1st class honours results plsssss

Witty Angel said...

Owh..dont worry..ive been in ur place b4...1st anat assessment sangat choy but xpe bleh je kejar lagi..ngeh2..go nad go!jangan down2..kalau tensen2 pegi main futsal k?hehehe..:P

n Z r A said...

thanks thanks witty angel!! saye akan cube kejar2.
by the way cork bosan la. takde tmpat/geng nak men futsal. kalo ade sure dah lame i gi!!!