December 10, 2007

Secara tiba-tiba

After wasting my day with useless activities, I finally settled down wit sumthing more useful. Eventho it's not much, at least I did..Erm..

Some strange feelings distracted me tonite. Out of nowhere, tiba-tiba saya rindu kepada kehidupan KMB dulu. Life in KMB and life in Cork isn't much difference. Stressful. Lonely. But the distinguished thing being lonely in KMB and lonely in Cork is as least in KMB, u have the whole classmate to mingle around where else in Cork i'm being the minority among the minorities.
Bosan. I need at least a friend in the same shoes as me.
And I suddenly miss the company of Nabila (sorry if this sounds a lil bit yucky). She had influenced me with her attitudes and at the same time I also put her as my 'indicator' / competitor. Altho at the end I lost to her by 1 mark, I felt satisfied coz I somehow managed to push myself to go as far as an ambitious ppl like her. Hohoho..

I need someone I respect to be my competitor. Not someone.I..erm... (complete this sentence with ur own imagination)

But as much as I think I need a friend by my side, I'm also crying out for my own private room. I REALLY REALLY need my own space. No, nothing's wrong between me and Jeng Yin. Just that I miss...the feel of having some privacy. The feel of living in ur comfortable zone to the most.

On a wholly different note, the XI Sea Games held in Thailand is approaching to the end in 5 days. Malaysia's chef de mission put 66 gold medals on target whereby at the time being Malaysia is stuck at 5th place with 15 gold medals.
5 days to go with 51 gold medals to be hit? Ermm..bleh ke?

I find the athletic fields are kind of dissappointing. Nasib ade Yuan Yu Fang, Teoh Boon Lim & the 4X4 quartet to save our ass..
And football team? Erm...Their confidence (or was it the coach?) was rather misleading. Nampak berkobar was it translated to the players' performance?
Rugby team was doing fine currently. Impressive I must say. Been winning all 3 matches played, I hope they could prove something.

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witty angel said...

awww..silver award or gold award itu?hehehe...kan best if die kasi duit jugakkan for those yg dpt award?hehe.kaya sket..hehe..:p