December 27, 2007


...ialah perkataan yang diucapkan oleh ahli syurga..

muahaha...buat gimik sket...saya masih saya. para hadirin jgn terkejut~

I'm back in Cork. We reached Cork aproximately at 11++ ke 12 tah..

I'll try to update and put up pictures slowly..maybe I wud go by place. Coz there was too many things to say, and i'm going to be such a loser to not to share it with u. Roughly, my journey was :
  • 21st Dec - reached Granada. Went to Alhambra
  • 23th Dec - went to Cordoba
  • 25th Dec - reached Sevilla (pronounced as Seviya)
  • 25th Dec - stopped by at Ronda. Drove to Malaga
  • 26th Dec - pulang ke 2nd home - Cork. ngeh ngeh ngeh

P/S : I'm thinking of going private with this blog. (eh tapi saye letak nuffnang ads..rugi ah nnt?!?!?) Kerana ade sesetengah individu mula menimbulkan sentimen dgn blog, and I am seriously not happy with it. Or I should stay with my new motto - whatever forever~

entah kenapa hati ini cukup merindui nama-nama tersebut..


mad redo1 said...

uuuuu... kat sevilla tu sempat nampak tak juan pizjuan?

n Z r A said...

juan pizjuan tu ape ehh?!?..hehehehehe